Damon Alexander and the Ten Cent Rentals

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Name: Damon Alexander and the Ten Cent Rentals

Genre: Punk/Pop/Metal

Origin: Canada

Major/indie/unsigned: I would hazard a guess they are Indie

Album: Champions of the Underground (2008), The Legendary Three Limbed Six (2008)

Released: New album expected sometime in 2009

Overall Rating (out of 4): 2.5

Musicality – Pretty good! They play like a tight band that has been together for awhile.

Singing – Pretty decent vocals, a calmer punk style of singing, not too much yelling.

Lyrics – Honestly, I couldn’t hear them too well because they were drowned out by the distortion in the guitars, however, in punk and metal bands that’s totally O.K.

Freshness – They sound like a grown up “Sum 41”, more mature and chill punk rock.

Technicality/Recording – Solid clear sound, no complaints.

Visuals – Nice graphic/brand that they have for their band, but having an actual picture of the band members on your Myspace page would be helpful for people who haven’t heard of you before to identify better with you.

Top 2 Songs:

1. Texas Chain Massacre (Catchy as hell, and love the sound effects of the chainsaws!)

2. The Bad Seed (It really rocks out!)

~ Jason Chu



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