Click Yes in Box #1 for Carjacking???

May 16, 2009 at 7:24 am (Musings)

O.k. normally I wouldn’t be writing on too much about my own life because let’s face it, it’s not super exciting (except for my soccer team playing it’s first game today!). Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is just to share one of my “first time” things with you my blogging audience.

Yes!!! Now I have had an attempted carjacking! It all happened like this: I was supposed to meet a friend for a coffee at 2am in the morning, but as per usual, my forgetfullness got in the way. I forgot my cellphone so I couldn’t call and I also am poor at finding places at night.

So there I was, driving down Lakeshore at 3am, with not a single car in sight for either direction. When all of a sudden, I see this blonde haired buzz cut guy (let’s call him Dip) come sprinting from the sidewalks towards the spot where my car was driving (I was within the lanes). Noticing that this could get ugly, I just eased on the break like an off speed pitch hoping he would run past me. No dice, Dip slowed down his running to match my speed, such that we would continue on to our collision course.

I was pretty calm because strangely enough I have been in situations with people with road rage, however, I wasn’t quite sure if this guy was high on drugs or clearminded and up to something worse. I pushed full on the brakes and came to a complete stop. Then Dip puts his paws on my car’s front hood (grrr!), and I decided my next move.

I said to myself, “Whichever direction he moves next, you quickly boot it with the car in the other direction.” At this time I noticed he had a couple friends on the sidewalk laughing, who I ignored. Than in a split second, Dip starts moving to his left, so I burned and swerved with the car to my left (remember no other cars on the road), and gave him dipsy doodle, and I was gone and didn’t look back. Now you can debate whether or not this was a potential carjacking or not, however, what’s he going to do now that he’s got me stopped in my car, with no witnesses, he has backup, and he’s walking towards me. Believe me, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t gonna say, “Would you like a car wash sir?”

Moral of the story: Don’t run over drunk/drugged young men who want to test his strength against a moving car.

P.S. First soccer game today (it’s an Exhibition match). We are a few men down (unavailable for this game), so I’ve got my chance to start. I’ll be playing right wing of  the middle fielder, just behind the strikers. Can’t wait!


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