Things are going viral professionally…look for a lot of activity on FB

June 29, 2009 at 2:45 am (Musings)

Hey y’all,

Quick note, as you probably know…I’m heavy make that massive into the social media (the way of the future). For example as it stands…I have about 2,900 followers on Twitter, 700 friends on my Youtube & a back up Youtube site which has 900 friends. Entertainment channel, 500 friends (musicians/bands) on my Myspace page, Digg, StumbledUpon, & Friendfeed are all in their infancy with under 100 friends each (Not enough time in a day), and of course I have 550 Facebook friends. These are each unique users/people.

Each social media website are pretty much separate, meaning there is no or very little overlap of friends. Building this network took many sleepless nights with knowing my purpose & having the end goal in mind.

All this connectivity allows me freedom and access to share my message/promote my writing/tap into the zeitgeist/network with people of EVERY CONCEIVABLE profession AROUND THE WORLD!!

For example, if I want to go to Switzerland for a vacation – there’s bound to be in my list/followers: travel agents, or people from Switzerland, who tell me the best affordable quality places to stay, and where to go/sightsee. It’s like you have your own spy network, your own CSIS who at any moment, you call upon to ask for help. It’s cool.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point! I’ve built up a pretty decent Social Media Network (Think the Olympic Rings all linked together with each hoop being a different website). I’m in the process of adding some of my Twitter friends to Facebook. I debated long and hard over this…but in the end it will be a positive (I screen them still!).

Transparency is the most important thing when building Online networking, so if I let other people in, than it’s vice versa, and we both get to know each other much better, & the chances of helping each other out, or doing business together…increases.

Also, if I network with someone who I think might connect with another person in my FB friends, I can always be the connecting conduit to get them to connect.

Plus, any Facebook friend get’s my latest writings, note blogs, and personal pictures/videos…first! So, look for a fairly large increase in FB friends in the near future, & know that they are from the universe of Twitter!

Jason Chu
Tweeple Magazine
Social Media Expert

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