Celebrity Twitter Trend? Let’s look at the Olsens

July 18, 2009 at 2:21 am (1, Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures Hangover - Arrivals

This article is a follow up to my archived story on “The Olsen Twins verify their links” (http://bit.ly/ZzuwB). In the Twitterverse, Celebrity Twitter accounts constantly change and evolve to the beat of those who can utilize this social media the best. As you probably know, there are loads of apps available to help your Twitter account gain more followers, however, Celebrities don’t usually have this problem since their inherent “popularity/name brand” (ie. @aplusk – Almighty Ashton) drives people to follow them. Right?

To an extent this works, most definitely if you are an A-list star or musician. Failing that, you need to have something to say (content), products to peddle (music, quotes), or even the cult of personality (ie. @rainnwilson & his wacky humor). Through my travels in the Tweetosphere, I have noticed one clear trend with celebrities, make that young celebrities: They like to change their Twitter accounts often. Why? I’m not sure exactly because there are plenty enough “fakes” to cover their tracks, but no matter what, their fans manage to always find them.

Let’s get back to the Olsen twins and use their recent Twitter activity as an example. About a month ago, the Olsen twins shared a Twitter account: @theOlsens. They made it quite clear that this was their only Twitter account.  At the time, their follower count was at approximately 16,000.  If Ashley tweeted, she would just put her name first and then finish the tweet (vice versa). No problems, but wait! Last week I retweeted when Mary-Kate Olsen announced they were splitting up into individual Twitter accounts. O.K. that’s fine, but what happened to their @theOlsens account? It mysteriously disappeared! Not quite, you see a Twitter account user has the ability to change the username by clicking on the “settings” bar at the top of the screen.

So what happened to @theOlsens account? My theory is that the Olsen twins changed their username to Mary-Kate Olsen (very similar #followers to @theOlsens account). You still with me? You better be because it gets a lot more complicated. Here is a bunch of relevant tweets all from the @theOlsens/@theMaryKate Twitter account (chronological order).

I guess im sticking with MaryKateOlsen9 start sending all @s to marykateolsen9 8:57 PM Jun 5th from web

Start sending messages to @marykateolsen9 9:01 PM Jun 5th from web

@ashleyolsen7 twitter!!9:25 PM Jun 5th from web

Ashley & I are NOT fighting! We just thought it would be good to have 2 twitters! For the both of us!10:27 PM Jun 6th from mobile web

It gave me the URL of marykateolsen7 finnaly!!! Start sending messages to @marykateolsen7 11:40 AM Jun 7th from web

Celeb newsflash: @theOlsens has split into separate account for each: Ashley is now: @AshleyOlsen7 & Mary Kate is: @MaryKateOlsen7 not fake!12:18 AM Jun 8th from web (@Chodidees tweet – Me)

MySpace & YouTube Fans, Join! www.youtube.com/ashleyolsen… & www.myspace.com/themarykate… Follow Ashley! @ashleyolsen7 11:47 AM Jun 9th from web

twitter marykateolsen9 is NOT me! It’s some fake that took my old usernames shes not me3:15 PM Jun 9th from web

I change my username to @theMaryKate 12:27 AM Jun 10th from web

Doing a few replies tomorrow! I changed my username to @themarykate 12:28 AM Jun 10th from web

why @themarykate ? I don’t don’t know I just didn’t won’t a number anymore LOL! I’m keeping this one though! 12:31 AM Jun 10th from web

@ashleyolsen7 was thinking if getting a new username but theashleyolsen was taken who knows she will think 12:43 AM Jun 10th from web

@itsashleyolsen yayy! You changed :] Follow her! Message her?! Tweet her! 12:49 AM Jun 10th from web

Let me just point out that I edited out about 50 or more other tweets over this time frame, so it’s not as neat and tidy as I have shown you. Therefore, all this Twitter account switching, managing, mind changing in only 5 days! To make matters worse, it’s true that the former accounts of @markateolsen9 have been taken over by fakes and posers who want cash in on their fame. So as you can see, it becomes quite confusing keeping track of which accounts are “accurate” Celebrity Twitter accounts and which ones are fake/become redundant. That’s why I mostly keep a bird’s eye view upon most Celebrity Twitter accounts, but I won’t make a move or change unless I know pretty much 100% that it is official. The Olsen twins are an extreme case, however, I have already come across other Celebrities who have  changed, altered, dropped, and switched Twitter accounts for whatever reason.

The compelling question that is left unanswered with the Olsen twins Twitter account is: Why did they really switch accounts like this? What was the real reason?

I have a theory, so here goes. The Twitterverse just like Hollywood, which is in many ways a popularity contest. Right? The more popular movie stars get bigger roles, the bigger the band the more albums/itunes sold. Well, isn’t Twitter a tally chart for popularity? You have a mathematical statistic of data telling the “world” who’s popular and who’s not. Therefore if a movie star or band/musician has a lower total number of followers than what they perceive they expect they should have, than it reasons that they wouldn’t want it exposed to the public. You get where I’m going?

I believe the Olsen twins knew they were going to split accounts all along, and they let the @itsAshleyOlsen account build up followers over time. So, when the @itsAshleyOlsen account had sufficient followers to their liking, they changed the @theOlsens account username to @theMaryKate and voila! You have 2 individual accounts with enough followers to look impressive with (instead of one large follower account and one small follower account). Again this is all my own Twitter conspiracy theory, as I ask myself, “What would I do in their situation?”. By all means, feel free to disagree with me, however, if you really want to know the truth, just tweet @theMaryKate or @itsAshleyOlsen and ask them yourself!

Please leave comments, as I enjoy reading them and responding to them.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures Hangover - Arrivals
Mary-Kate Olsen
Hangover, Film Premiere - Hollywood, California
Ashley Olsen

~ Jason Chu






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