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July 18, 2009 at 2:48 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

SU2C Merchandise Collection Launch At Kitson Studio

I need to explain something first that will show why I, @Chodidees am an example why twitter works. For almost the past year, I have lived without a television (don’t own one). As well, I personally gave up listening to “commercial top 40” radio stations over 5 years ago (I pay heavy attention to the underground/indie/internet/unsigned music scene). Yes, I still have been active online and used the internet, but I haven’t watched very much major network programming at all. Thus, this means I have not been paying any attention to television: commercials, advertising, trends, movie trailers, pop culture, and emerging T.V. artists (i.e. Never even watched Adam Lambert on T.V.). Therefore most of my educated opinion has not been directly influenced by television media or commercial radio culture.

What am I getting at? I think that my writing operates with a fair dose of objectivity. Honestly, some of the celebs I write about, in reality, I might have known very little about them a month ago (since starting @Tweeplemagazine that had to change). So my motives in choosing who or what to write about really has nothing to do with Celebrity favorites because I really don’t have any. I am looking for the freshest and best stories that will interest @Tweeplemagazine readers. That’s really it in a nutshell, and why you won’t find me writing about pointless celebrity chatter (ie. “I need to paint my toe nails purple”).  All these reasons make me want to write about Celebrity stories that: interest me more about that Celebrity, show the positive and good that they can do, and of course have tweets and links worthy of repeating and sharing. When I saw what a lot of Celebrities were tweeting in the past couple of days, I sat up and took notice and followed @SU2C.

STAND UP TO CANCER: that’s their name. Their mission is: This is where the end of cancer begins: when we unite into one unstoppable movement and Stand Up To Cancer. Powerful words and impressive message, but they are already making a difference. In less than two years, they have raised over $100 million dollars to support this initiative to become a reality. The level of organization, preparation, structure, focus to keep all this on track is staggering. I cannot possibly name all the companies, professionals of almost every industry, united celebrities, researchers, and doctors, etc. I can only say the power of social media on this cause has the potential to really spread awareness and donations worldwide on this issue. What family has not been affected by cancer? Judging by the numbers of celebrities who are involved, this is truly a united front that  they all stand for.

Since this is a Celebrity @Tweeplemagazine, I think it is necessary to point out some figureheads who symbolize aspects of what this cause is all about. It was so difficult to choose even which celebrities to mention because so many are involved. For instance, Katie Couric, who is one of T.V.’s most respected and loved news anchor/reporter, is on the Executive Leadership Council for @SU2C. She is involved with the vision, direction, and leadership side of this group. Her family history has been dotted with the ugly marks of cancer, so she is an advocat like no other (check the website link to see the others).

Also, there is another group of Celebrities as can be seen with the “Survivor” T-shirt by the @SU2C campaign. Fran Drescher,who is a uterine cancer survivor, wrote a book called Cancer Schmancer chronicling that courageous period in her life. http://www.usmagazine.com/news/stand-up-to-cancer-announces-celebrity-ambassadors-2009285

Sharon Osbourne started the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai following her own battle with colon cancer.For more information: http://www.sharonosbourne.com/

And of course @HilDuffDizzle and @TheMandyMoore, who earlier in the campaign, hosted a benefit on behalf of Stand Up For Cancer. It’s great to see the younger celebrities take on the mantle of this cause as well, which shows good character!

I apologize for the abrupt the ending, but I really got to run. So I’ll leave you with the links to: Stand Up To Cancer.


~ Jason Chu



Stand Up To CancerStand Up For Cancer,


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