@epiphanygirl – Top 10 Memories From Back in The Day

July 18, 2009 at 2:43 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

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For those of you who don’t know who Chrisette Michele is by now, you better start getting used to hearing her name because it’s not going away. Her music career is starting to explode in combination with her musical talents! She’s already won a Grammy award (Best Urban/Alternative Performance), been nominated for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ (Vibe), and nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ (BET) among many things. Her 2nd and latest album “Epiphany” released May 5th, 2009, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. Her sound is a hybrid mix of smooth jazzy vocals, with the power pipes of the best R&B singers,  mixed with urban hip hop beats and rhythms. I also forgot to mention she’s done numerous compilations with some of Hip Hop’s biggest acts, so there is no doubt she is tremendously talented musically.

One thing that the casual fan may not know about @epiphanygirl, which is that she is outrageously funny. Check on some of her Youtube videos, and you’ll see what I mean, however, she’s just as funny on Twitter. Just a couple hours ago she tweeted a whole a list of her favorite “10 memories from back in the day”. I’m not going to say it’s funny, but let you read what she wrote, and let you be the judge. That’s it hold a straight face!

Top #10 Memories From Back in the Day

epiphanygirl top 10 nappy headed memories about 1 hour ago from web

epiphanygirl #10 who was eatin a beef patty on coco bread when left eye was wearin bo bo’s in her head. i was in da seventh grade! about 1 hour ago from web

epiphanygirl #9 who was buyin 10 cent watermelon lolipops after church on sunday when the half moon hair do came out. i was like 10! about 1 hour ago from web

epiphanygirl but hol’up! #8 who went to woolworth’s to buy cocoa butter sticks for ya whole face lookin MAD shiny?! i was like 11! 44 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl who remembers #7 rt:@Smileyquanta @epiphanygirl whoopi goldberg in color purple 41 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl hol’up! #6 but who’s church choir was singin hezekia walker songs in BRIGHT rainbow colored suits!!! i was like 12! sangin “i’ll make it!” 38 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl #5 rt:@teegrl20 @epiphanygirl That ‘Blue Magic’ grease momma used to slab on the back of her hand and smother your scalp with.<-yikes! 34 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl #4 rt:@tx_girl @epiphanygirl when u had to use that brown gel and wear a bandana all nite just so your hair would lay down<-da tony braxton 32 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirlooh but #3 what about dem scrungies we used to buy for a dolla to match every deeeyum outfit! <-ow!!! 28 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirlrt: @SimplyMe28 @tx_girl @epiphanygirl when Just For Me perms came with the casette tapes with that dumb ass song on it!! J-u-s-t f-o-r m-e. 12 minutes ago from web (I think this was number two?)

epiphanygirl ooh gurl i used to be so excited wen momma pikd up the just for me box from woolworth’s!!! ow!!!! 12 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl #1 them crusty azz sored u got from yo deeyum cuzin leevin the perm in toooo long!!!! can everybody just say YUCK!!! 8 minutes ago from web

epiphanygirl alright yall… i gotta get ready for soundcheck! ttyl! 2 minutes ago from web

Video for 1st Single off New Album – “Epiphany”


Chrisette Michele’s Myspace page:


Baby Phat & KLS Collection - Front Row - Fall 09 MBFW51st Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet

~ Jason Chu





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  1. how to make hip hop beats said,

    Yeah, she is looking nice, Her songs are also good, I like her a lot.

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