Feature Tweeple Music Artist: Esmée Denters

July 18, 2009 at 1:50 am (Major Label, Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

Esmee Outta Here

Esmee Outta Here

Lately, I been talking to face-to-face friends and my social media friends asking them if they know of Esmée Denters. A lot of them say no, but when I play or name drop the track “Outta Here”, almost all of then end up saying, “Oh yah, I’ve heard of her!” Making a name for yourself in the music business is becoming a trickier proposition as we live in this new age of pop music. Only fifteen years ago, record labels were kings, and the internet was still in it’s embryonic stages musically, so the music business was stable. Now with the dawn of social media sites most notably the powerhouses: Youtube, Myspace, itunes, downloading music, and a whole host of others have revolutionized the way music is shared as well as made (digital). Those music artists that can harness the powers of social media and tap into that elusive zeitgeist, will have the greater chance to succeed in today’s music business. And that’s why Esmée Denters is almost a perfect example of this success in today’s new wave of music artists.

How would I describe her to people who have no clue who she is?  I guess she reminds me with her star power and presence, of a more Hip Hop early Kylie Minogue (slightly international vibe), with the vocal chops as strong as Christina Aguillera, mixed in with an honest, humble, girl next door quality.

Well, Esmée Denters is most definitely a new and  fresh artist with an extremely high pedigree.  It all began on Youtube as a regular teenager, as she started a Youtube/musician channel like anyone else on August 25th, 2006 from  her home in the Netherlands. I’m sure she’s one of those kids who has been singing her whole life, since her vocal chops are spectacular even during her Youtube cover tune days. Not surprisingly, with her musical talents on display, her Youtube site exploded and went completely international, and as it stands today, it is #4 most subscribed all-time – musicians; #38 most subscribed all-time. So lets just say, she was beginning to get major attention when Mr. Justin Timberlake arrived and started to help her career.

Through her manager, Esmée got to meet Justin at one of his concerts, and she shortly was signed to his Tennman/Interscope Records. Later, Tennman announced that she would be opening 10 concerts for Justin Timberlake during his 2007 European tour. Esmée has the unofficial title of being the first unsigned singer to go from a Youtube channel, to perform commercially on a major stage. Props for that, however, credit goes out to JT for further developing her talents.

When the time came to work on her first album, she had the opportunity to work with some amazing  producers and writers: Ryan Tedder (of One Republic – and co wrote “Bleeding Love”), Stargate, Polow Da Don, and of course Justin Timberlake. These guys totally know what they’re doing in the music industry and how to maximize her talents.

Already she is becoming a superstar in Europe, Youtube, and is now coming over to North America with the backing and support of Justin Timberlake and his contacts. I think her chances of making it are quite high. By the way, did I forget that this young lady can really sing! She’s got crazy vocal pipes! I’ll put some links up of Esmée Denters single: “Outta Here” Official Youtube Premiere, as well her cover song of Justin Timberlake’s “What goes around” (JT is in the vid), and a video showing the “Making of Outta Here video”.

Justin & Esmee

Justin & Esmee

Esmée Denters – “Outta Here” Official Youtube Premiere video


Esmée Denters – “What Goes Around” (Cover)


Me Recording “Outta Here” with Justin Timberlake & Polow Da Don


An open letter bio written Esmée Denters herself, and addressed to her fans:

Dear You!

Hi, my name is Esmée. I’m 20 and from wherever you are reading this, no matter how far away or what country you live in, we are now… connected. I live in a small country called the Netherlands in an even smaller town called Oosterbeek. Even the big town near me (Arnhem) only has about 30,000 people. My mom and I just moved to Oosterbeek so everything is pretty new.

Growing up, my dad was always playing music and it spoke to me and my sister. Even as little girls we would sing constantly. I fell so in love with singing that sometimes my own mother would go crazy from me singing too much! “Quiet, Esmée, please!” LOL! The truth is, from a very young age I never thought people would actually like my voice. I sang alone most of the time, in my room pretty much. Some of my friends said I had a good voice, but I never believed them. But recently, I saw a few people singing on youtube.com and I thought, maybe I’ll just try it. And I did….and I loved it!

I really connect with soulful artists who sing from their heart, so I started singing to karaoke tracks from Alicia Keys, Goo Goo Dolls, Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera and John Legend and some other songs and artists I look up to and…well…I just started singing them into my webcam and posting them! I had no idea anyone would even listen or watch me. Now everytime I post a new videoblog of me singing, people tune in! And yet, it’s still me in this little bedroom in Oosterbeek with my mom yelling for me to come down and eat something. Life is funny.

Since youtube and I started finding a life of our own together, lots of people have sent me really cool messages of support and record companies from around the world have been trying to get in contact with me. It feels like it’s happening as fast as I am typing this for you. But that’s why I love the internet so much—because anything can happen!

Big kiss and hugs from me.

MTVs TRL Total Finale Live - Press Room
Esmée Denters


4 Jul 2009 20:00
TMF Awards Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
5 Jul 2009 19:00
Heiniken Music Hall Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
6 Jul 2009 19:00
The Marquee Cork Cork, Cork
7 Jul 2009 19:00
02 Arena Dublin Dublin, Dublin
8 Jul 2009 19:00
Isle of Mtv Malta Floriana
9 Jul 2009 19:00
Zenith Paris Paris
10 Jul 2009 19:00
Forest National Brussels Brusels
11 Jul 2009 19:00
O2 Arena London
16 Jul 2009 19:00
NIA Birmingham Birmingham
16 Jul 2009 19:00
MEN Arena Manchester
17 Jul 2009 19:00
Liverpool Arena Liverpool
18 Jul 2009 19:00
Metro Arena Newcastle
19 Jul 2009 19:00
02 Arena London

It’s too bad there isn’t any North American dates in her touring schedule so far, but I’m sure she’ll be coming over soon! Stay tuned to Tweeple Magazine as we will be having an interview with Esmée Denters very soon, and of course will post that interview as soon as possible!

~ Jason Chu @Chodidees





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