Jason’s 10 Picks: Celebrity Twitters to Watch For!

July 18, 2009 at 2:14 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

Jordan Royals celebrate 10 years of reign - Amman

In no particular order, I chose these 10 Celebrity Twitters as ones that I think are : a) extremely smart; b) very interesting to read; c) have overcome adversity that makes me admire them; d) a really cool musician/artist

Jason’s 10 Celebrity Twitters to watch:

1. @sseagal – Steven Seagal: C’ mon, if you grew up in the 80’s/early 90’s, Seagal was the man! A hybrid of martial arts and traditional action movies, he paved the way for the Jet Li’s & Jason Statham. He describes himself as an accomplished actor, musician, martial artist and philanthropist. Hey, I’ll be following…

2. @bifnaked – Bif Naked: This punk rocker has been through so many challenges in her personal life, yet has always overcome with flying colors! The scariest challenge possibly being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2008. She truly is a remarkable person, and has lived through so many situations, I like hearing her opinions on things. As well, she is always has a positive attitude that you can hear through her tweets. Now she’s finally healthy and her return began with the release of her new album “The Promise” (which she recorded during her chemotherapy treatment for cancer). She dedicated the album to her fans.

3. @RealTalibKweli – Talib Kweli: Not only is he one of the most innovative, intelligent, and creative hip hop artists out there right now, he also has one of the best Twitters. It is always up to date as he tweets continually through the day, however, he’s sharp insights into hip hop culture and expresses himself very clearly. I even favorited a tweet he made on politics that just blew me away. Trust me, Talib Kweli can tweet!

4. @1capplegate – Christina Applegate: Christina is probably still known most for her role as “Kelly Bundy” in “Married with Children”, however I would consider Christina as a celebrity who tweets interesting intelligent stuff. Also, she has enough experience in the Hollywood/entertainment industry that you can hear some of her wisdom through her tweets.

Tom Morello

5. @tmorello – Tom Morello: He is the revolutionary lead guitarist from the bands – Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman, and now his newest group, Street Sweeper Social Club. He is a modern day rock legend, yet he rocks for the music, not the fame. The reason you follow him is that his group, Street Sweeper Social Club is also on the NIN/JA tour with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Jane’s Addiction (Perry Farrell). These three rock bands are working together on this tour for a special cause: Eric De La Cruz. If you read my story yesterday about Trent Reznor, you would know that 100% proceeds from this NIN/JA tour is going to help fund Eric’s lifesaving heart transplant. That’s why I like musicians so much!

6. @QueenRania – Rania Al Abdullah: A modern day Queen in one of the few remaining constitutional monarchies. She’s a mom, wife, and a young and beautiful Queen of the Arabic speaking country, Jordan. The religion of the country is primarily Islamic. Basically, her words have influence (pay attention to them – she’s a ruler!). What’s funny though, is when you read her tweets, you would swear she’s just a normal person like one of us!!

7. @wyntonmarsalis – Wynton Marsalis: He is simply one the world’s greatest modern day jazz/classical trumpeter’s with an impressive body of work over his lifetime. He is also one of jazz’s most controversial artists because of his style of playing and classical emphasis. Personally, I just think it’s pretty cool to hear what a music “living legend” thinks and wants to get off his chest.

8. @VeronicaDLCruz – Veronica De La Cruz: A CNN T.V. anchor, but also the dear and courageous sister to Eric De La Cruz (cardiomyopathy). She has been battling for disability benefits, placement on the “organ donor list”, and starting a viral social media campaign to raise 1 million  dollars for the heart transplant that will save her brother’s life. She is an inspiration and a catalyst for change beyond just Eric’s scenario. The national exposure is generating more and more debate on the problems in Medicaid, Medicare in the United States. I kinda like to learn from “trailblazers”, so I’ll keep an eye on her Twitter.

9. @FooGDave – Dave Grohl: The lead singer/guitarist of the Foo Fighters, just started a Twitter in March. He started tweeting and than abruptly stopped, however, he gave a reason in a tweet where he said, “the band is going to take a long break after playing the biggest show our career at Wembley Stadium.” (4:49 PM Mar 28th from web). He is one of rock’s best and I look forward to when he resurfaces with new tweets for us.

10. @youromegagirl – Maria Menounos: She’s just cool, relaxed, smart, fun, and very open and honest on Twitter. She’d be someone you’d want to hangout with regardless if she was a Celebrity or not.

So that’s it for my Celebrity Twitter picks, I can surely do this again when I have another bunch of new Twitter accounts that I think are worthy of sharing with all of the Tweeple Magazine community. At this time, there just seems to be a whole lot of new people, companies, and celebrities starting to Twitter, so the sequel to this article may come sooner rather than later.

Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos

~ Jason Chu




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