New “Parenting” Blog of @brookeburke

July 18, 2009 at 2:57 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

Nickelodeons 2009 Kids Choice Awards  - Arrivals

I have to admit, I have been a fan of Brooke Burke since her “Wild On” T.V. hosting days. There was always something undefinable that separated her from the other gorgeous actresses and models. Over the years, as we’ve seen her grow from shows like “Rockstar INXS”, to her victory on “Dancing with the Stars”, I have noticed these mysterious qualities become more apparent. She’s genuine. She’s honest and truthful.

This morning, Brooke made a tweet about her blog and left the link for all of us to see. After reading Brooke’s new blog at (her link at the bottom), she shows a new and vulnerable side, revealing her feelings on how she parents and runs her family with husband/actor David Charvet. It is really refreshing and interesting to hear a Hollywood mom expressing her honest feelings. As well, she has a lot to say on this topic as a mother of 4 children, while maintaining her Hollywood Celebrity engagements. It is truly a fascinating dynamic between Mother vs. Hollywood Superstar. I believe she handles both well, and if her 1st blog is a sign of things to come, it would be worth your time to read it!

35th Annual Peoples Choice Awards - Arrivals

~ Jason Chu


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