@nicoleritchie gets Her Hands Dirty for a Green Cause!

July 18, 2009 at 3:01 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

Nicole Ritchie at Fashion Week

Many times we get a jaded opinion of most “Hollywood” celebrities. A very good example of this wrong impression is for the fashion socialite/actress Nicole Ritchie. A few short years ago, Nicole and Paris came out off nowhere and made a name for themselves on, “The Simple Life” with their outrageous behaviors. Now a few years later, calmer, and raising a family with boyfriend Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), she’s seems to have matured and found more of a purpose.

I have to admit when I was looking for a story, I was really looking for a celebrity who was doing something for “someone” else, or charity if you will. It’s so easy even after only a few days of being on Twitter, to hear the same basic topics and statements (I’m hungry let me go get a…). So my eyes perked up when I saw what Nicole Ritchie did today with a High School in Hollywood.

First of all, I learned that Nicole is a board member for the Environmental Media Society for the past 4 years. So today, she went to Helen Bernstein High School in support of placing organics plants and foliage in hopefully all L.A. schools. Nicole got down on the ground and even helped plant the organic plants!  The link at the bottom will show you the pictures and more details about their organization role and aims.

She argues for the value of education, and says, “The purpose of school is education, and to me, it doesn’t make sense to educate children in math, science, history, and literature, but not educate them in nutrition and their environment.” This goes to show you that you can’t judge a Hollywood Celebrity by his/her cover or “fictional” roles that they play in T.V. or Movies.

Maybe it’s the combination of becoming a mother  and thinking of their futures (#2 is on the way),  that has caused her to use her “celebrity” pull  in more philanthropic ways. Either way, I’m impressed, and I give her the “Celebrity Envirotweet” of the week so far. Who knows, maybe Nicole Ritchie will be the future “Oprah”?

Nicole Ritchie is not alone in this initiative, as many celebrities are a part of the Environmental Media Association.

The other members of the board include Amy Smart, Maroon 5, Rosario Dawson, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Maria Menounos, Lance Bass, Maggie Q, Olivia Wilde, Anna Getty, Mathew Rhys, and more.

My only caveat with this organization and the star power within it is that their reach is pretty small. It’s always easier to serve your own, than other people. What I mean is, Hollywood stars helping Hollywood schools is not a great stretch, however, I do believe most charity work is more effective locally at first. It’s just too bad almost all the “Hollywood Celebrities” live in L.A.


Jason Chu

Twitter: @Chodidees (If you tweet me, I’ll respond!)

Nicole Ritchie at Fashion Week


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