Rob Pattinson Finding a Lack of Privacy on Twitter!

July 18, 2009 at 2:30 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)


Robert Pattinson, the hunky star of the “Twilight” films, has joined the Twittosphere, but found it quite an inhospitable place for him (so far). It seems that a lot of Twitter accounts that have “Rob Pattinson” or anything similar to it, have mysteriously met their fates with the “Tweeter Owl”. For those of you who don’t know, the Tweeter Owl is an icon character that shows up on a Twitter account that has been, “suspended for suspicious activity”. As I was making my rounds through my Celeb Twitters I noticed that the one for Rob Pattinson had gotten suspended. From past experiences, the prospects of that account becoming active again is pretty low, so I put on my cap and went investigating. I found that almost every twitter account associated with Rob Pattinson was suspended…hmm, what could this mean? Well, it could mean many things, but maybe Mr. Pattinson was getting fed up with the fakes, and put a call out to Twitter headquarters, or maybe he just wants privacy. The thing is, anyone can write/tweet to a celebrity Twitter account, it’s just if the celeb chooses to respond, which is the deciding factor.

Now I’m sure most Celebrities or Celebrity wannabe’s would love even a tenth of the attention Rob here is getting, however, I just get the sense that he’s isn’t totally comfortable with mega-Hollywood Stardom, which I thinking he’s getting close to. For example, in every decade or so, you get maybe a small few actors that are adored, respected and loved (i.e. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio). If you notice, the actors I just mentioned were initially adored because of their looks, and became respected actors who were loved by their fans over time. I think Rob Pattinson has potential to be in this category of actors. Why? He’s already adored and with good roles sure to come his way, if he hones his acting chops, he will sure to impress and get better over time.

My laptop - got through "Tweeter Owl"
My laptop – got through “Tweeter Owl”

In the photo above (I took with my camera), you will notice his frustrations (from the previous “Official” Rob Pattinson Twitter I was following). He says, “I don’t understand why people have to interfere with others lives.” Now as of June 8th, this account is Tweeter Owl suspended?? Oh ya, by the way, Kristen Stewart changed her Twitter account as well, according my evidence (the following tweets), I believe she dropped her Twitter acount “just cuz” she wanted to, or as a dare with her friend Amber Lee. My point? These young Hollywood Stars like to play with the said Twitter technology. I can’t imagine dropping 70,000 followers on a Twitter account just because I felt like it. Wow!

And if you don’t know who Cam Gigandet is, he is a fellow actor in the Twilight original movie (played James). Therefore, covering Hollywood’s young elite can be a tricky road, as they have just as much skill and tools to escape detection and hide from writers like me, crazy fans, stalkers, and whatever! Too be honest, it feels like a game of hide-and-seek, with me doing the “seeking” all the time! So take this to heart: Twitter accounts open/close and new ones come and go very, very fast in this Twitterverse. The options are there, so they can do it, just like you or I, however, we wouldn’t have the same results as them.

@CGigandet Yes, Ugh. It’s so annoying. I don’t understand people. 1:54 PM Jun 6th from web (@StewartKris) in reply to CGigandet

@PattinsonRobT forgot his password.. hahahahah 3:40 PM Jun 6th from web (@StewartKris writing to Mr. Patt)

I don’t understand why people have to interfere with others lives. 1:40 AM Jun 6th from web (@PattinsonRobT writing to everyone)

kristen got a new one to everyone whos askin @StewartKris … im pretty sure, im busy bye. 1:11 PM Jun 6th from web (@CGigandet writing to everyone)

@AmbrleeNicole twitter account no longer exists (@Chodidees checked many times to be sure!)

@AmbrleeNicole for real, for real.2:20 AM Jun 6th from web in reply to ambrlee

@AmbrleeNicole Let’s do it.2:19 AM Jun 6th from web in reply to ambrlee

In many ways, following Celebrities on Twitter is like following many different spiderwebs at the same time, you have connect the tweets together correctly to solve the puzzle and for their conversation to make sense! I guess that’s why you read @Tweeplemagazine because we do our best to have it make sense for you, our valued readers. Check ya later!

~ Jason Chu


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