Trent Reznor uses Ticket Sales for Donations to Save Eric De La Cruz

July 18, 2009 at 2:26 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an exploding Twitter story that we cannot and should not ignore. What am I talking about? Well it all starts with a T.V. anchor named Veronica De La Cruz, who has a younger brother dying of a life threatening heart condition called cardiomyopathy (he needs a heart transplant to survive). There are many problems inherent with the Nevada Medicaid system that made this situation so sad. First of all, there is a lot of red tape surrounding U.S. Health Care claims to get support. Therefore because of the rules and red tape Eric De La Cruz was ineligible for insurance because of a previous health condition. His sister Veronica, gamely tried to get her brother to have his “name put on the heart donor transplant list”. This took years for it to happen, and surprisingly enough, this couldn’t have happened without Twitter, or more aptly put: “Eric’s Twitter Army”.

Veronica on the Morning Show (06/09/09):

When Veronica realized the situation she was in, namely needing over 1 million (U.S.) dollars to save Eric’s life, she using her quick thinking, turned to social media, and especially Twitter. Through tweets, postings, links, etc., Eric’s life threatening situation has been spreading virally through the Twittosphere (hundreds of thousands of Tweets!). People are donating left, right, and center with the current tally well over $600,000 (U.S.) dollars!

Eric De La Cruz and his sister Veronica

More good news is the intervention of industrial rock star Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), he has joined the cause and made it a point to donate a 100% of ticket sales to Eric’s lifesaving heart transplant. What you have to understand, is Trent Reznor is doing something unprecedented in the realm of rock/pop/hip hop concerts, and it is truly revolutionary! Also, before I forget, it’s co-bill tour with Jane’s Addiction a part of these amazing concerts (NIN/JA tour) with a purpose. Here is an excerpt from a website article:

For donations of varying size, Reznor is offering time with Nine Inch Nails at their shows while on tour with Jane’s Addiction: “We’ll invite you to come hang out with us before the NIN/JA show of your choice. You and a guest can watch soundcheck, eat dinner backstage with us, take pics / get autographs and watch the show from the side of the stage if you’d like.”

Reznor confirms that 100% of the money contributed will be allocated directly to Eric’s fund.

For more information, visit, and to make a contribution on Trent’s official donation page, click here.

**Update: Since this went up only 3 days ago, Trent has raised $645,990 for Eric. Also, Tony Hawk is donating 100 signed skateboards to the cause and Tom Morello has joined the soundcheck/meet and greet.

Quoted from:

When have you ever heard of a major music group offering up themselves, their time, and their MONEY/PROFITS in such a selfless and dedicated fashion? I can’t remember many. Now before you get yourselves tickets for these shows, there is a cost is involved, with tickets ranging from regular prices from roughly $25 – $1000 (you’ll meet the band and all that jazz with that ticket/donation!).

I wanted to know why fans are flocking to see a NIN concert and paying those exorbitant fees to see Nine Inch Nails play. So, I had the chance through e-mail and a mutual acquaintance to ask a major NIN fan some questions as to why he bought tickets. His name is Jason Medeiros (therefore I used my username so you wouldn’t get confused).

@Chodidees: Did you know about why Trent is doing these concerts before you bought your ticket?

Jason Medeiros: Yes. Trent is doing a World Tour called the NIN/JA tour with James Addiction and Street Sweeper Social Club. Yet this time it’s only a 4 piece band as NIN have traditionally been a 5 piece and the subtitle of the Nine Inch Nails Tour is titled “Wave Goodbye”.

@Chodidees: Did Trent’s cause (Eric De La Cruz) influence your decision to buy tickets?

Jason Medeiros: No it didn’t. Simply because Trent didn’t go on tour to raise money for Eric De La Cruz (EDLC). I purchased my tickets on March 23rd for the June 2nd show. I never heard of EDLC. On May 20th was when the NIN online community was told about the EDLC’s situation and Trent’s attempt to help. The tour had already begun and many people were upset too, that they didn’t get a chance to donate.

@Chodidees: Tell me why the idea excited you?

Jason Medeiros: Because of the chance to meet Trent and the band before he stops touring. It was for a great cause for an issue that needs to be looked at and addressed. 100% of all donations went to the cause, so it’s all tax deductible. But mostly it was to meet the Trent…that’s the reality of it. But what’s really exciting is that no one else is doing this. That an artist with no label can still raise over $850,000 in about 8 days to help out one fan who is in need, and not keep one penny.

What can we do? Stay informed by following this story, donate to the cause, tweet about it, and see how this plays out because it only takes a “catalyst” to start change in the system (in this case Nevada Medicaid, Medicaire). And who knows maybe on a larger scale, we’ll have changes to how Medical insurance is run??

Relevant Links:

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or @trent_reznor

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Follow Veronica De La Cruz on Twitter:

The Happy Hearts Fund 2008 Ball A Masquerade In Venice - Arrivals

or @VeronicaDLCruz

Veronica on the Morning Show (06/09/09):

What is Cardiomyopathy?

~ Jason Chu



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