Welcome Angels & Killers: Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman have joined Twittertown!

July 18, 2009 at 2:08 am (Tweeple Magazine articles by Jason Chu)

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Lucy, Lucy Liu where are you? She’s right here in the Twitterverse getting settled in, and she’s telling everyone to add her as a friend to Myspace. Am I completely sure that this account is Lucy Liu (most known for her roles in “Charlie’s Angels”). Well not sure 100%, but if we at Tweeple Magazine want to get the scoop first, we sometimes need to take risks.
You see Lucy’s early posts look very common to a newby tweeter in that she hasn’t learned the tricks of the other expert posters (i.e. Twitpic, Tweetdeck, Tweetfeed, etc.). To learn these Twitter skills takes some time, and as well her Myspace page is pretty basic, so it shows more of a novice, or something who doesn’t care to make things fancy/slick. The thing is it’s pretty easy to pay someone a pretty penny to revamp any website, but Lucy has always been somewhat of an offbeat character, so trying to do it herself makes sense.

According to her tweets, she’s been on less than 1 month, and seems relieved that Uma Thurman joined. She says:

is happy that @ThurmanUma joined twitter.8:27 PM Jun 13th from web

So, as I just mentioned Uma Thurman (Kill Bill trilogy, among others) has joined Twitter too! According to her tweets, she joined Twitter on June 13th, or 5 days ago. She already tweeted a bit, and seems like the real deal. I guesss we’ll find out in the next few weeks if we see the “Tweeter Owl” with these two accounts.

An aside though, I find that as a new form of technology communication (social media), Twitter is being adopted by the youngest first! So those teens and stars in their twenties (Generation Y) jumped on to the Twitter bandwagon real fast! Why, maybe it’s just that idea of wanting to use the newest/coolest thing first. As well, maybe they just like communicating in quick bursts and interacting with people in new ways. In may ways, the younger generations are the most willing to change.

So it very encouraging to see some Hollywood Celebrities born in Generation X (I fit in this generation…just barely) join Twitter. So, I’m really excited to see Lucy Liu, Uma Thurman, and I forgot to mention Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly). So enjoy, checking them out, and I know most of the comments I get are “So-and-so doesn’t have a Twitter so you’re wrong”. Yes, but things can change, Celebrities can decide to get a Twitter. So that’s what I try report for you the readers, so that you may follow the Hollywood Stars as soon as they get to Twitter!

Here are their usernames:

Lucy Lui = @itsLucyLiu

Uma Thurman = @ThurmanUma

Piper Perabo = @PiperLPerabo

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