Blood Test from Hell!

July 29, 2009 at 1:13 pm (Musings)

O.K. you know the  revisions to my music reviews  are gonna start happening today (try to do some!). As well, I posted a Celeb spoof vid with Alicia Silverstone & Alanis Morissette which got a decent number of views. This leads me to believe, if I post more Celeb linked videos, I’ll get more views (logic is cool!). So, keep your eyes open for more Celeb videos because it’s nice to see them cut loose and act goofy as well!

Moving on…to all you vampire blood fan freaks out there, it’s cool in movies, but not so much in real life. For example, today I went to the med lab to get a blood test that doctor requires (for checkup/update purposes). No big deal, I done it many times before. It hurts a bit, but the lab tech administering the needle usually knows what they’re doing, and there’s no problem.

Today was different. I entered the lab, waited a few minutes, and was told to enter room #1. When I sat down this young female lab tech, just tell me, “Take out your left arm”. That was the extent of her speaking.

 Most lab techs say something like, “Hi my name is _______, and than they go on to talk about chit chat, so as to calm before they drop the needle in you. It always works we end up talking, and I hardly even notice the needle & the vials of blood being sucked out of me (that’s for you “Twilight” fans”).

My best guess, is this was a new tech straight of college, and it was close to lunch time, however, she didn’t say a single word after that, or even look at me face-to-face even once. Let’s just say I wasn’t pleased with that, as I felt like a piece of cattle being sucked for blood, not a human. So I couldn’t help laughing when I was needled (b/c. it hurt a bit & I couldn’t believe she had no professional social skills). 

My best comparision would be to say, “I got a blood test from someone who reminded me of a robot android!”

O.K. got it out of my system…in the afternoon, I’ll be back to doing reviews & finding you some funny celeb videos!

~ Jason Chu

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