Twitter down, ease my conscience…could this have played a part?

August 6, 2009 at 10:34 am (Musings)

Dear mashables,

You were the 1st one I checked in after Twitter went down. I’m wondering if any programmers/web designers/anyone can tell if what I did before Twitter went down could be related why?

-I was on DISQUS installing comment feedback system
-clicked on “Facebook Connect” when choosing “enabling options”
-it asked you enter Facebook API key, telling you to create one first, which I did
-at this point it switched pages to an “access facebook” click page (like facebook app page)
-I filled out the stuff. It was accepted.
-took me back to the DISQUS site, & went to the admin section
-told me to fill out “website name, website URL, etc.”
-At this point, I inputed my twitter acct – as my website & URL b/c. my blog isn’t that popular -I clicked “Save”
-I then changed my mind…thought why not put my blog instead, so since DISQUS, I thought allows one site…
-I thought that I needed to delete my twitter before I could re-enter the data to add my blog -I clicked delete
-So underneath the info, it said delete…I noticed later in backtracking it said “Delete this website: Chodidees Twitter”
– Within a 2 min’s twt goes down
Help? ~ J



  1. chodidees said,

    Hahaha…to think I thought my personal computing could “by accident” knockout to of the largest social networking sites in the world. What a twit I am! ~ Jason

  2. omarabid said,

    I didn’t understand, you think you deleted the Twitter website? wow, that’s very intelligent 😀 you man need some knowledge how the internet works!

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