What’s it worth

August 24, 2009 at 2:07 pm (Musings) (, , , , )

What’s it worth…

Shine of recognition, flair of notoriety,

the desire of fame, brings the ever glow of warmth and flame.

Climbing to the peak of the Hailmewood stars, Is it even worth it?


Toiling in the underbelly of sticky notes of forget me nots,

Working longer and harder, one for favour they say,

than the money will come. Who need’s sleep, not me sir, I’m your man!


Impervious mantra burning the most creative fires,

Output, output, content is all they want from you,

Once gotten their backs turn again.

It’ll pay off in the end, a drunk voice in your head blabbers,

but who’s end will be paid…my end?


Craftsmanship, smash-man’s-ship!

Digital dominator yearns for assembly line articulation,

Borg, borg, borg!


Earning those teabags under your eyes,

through numerous re-edits and back checks.

Do people we write about have any clue,

how much work it takes to make them look good?


Back from the battlefield with scars,

brains over easy, carpal tunnel mouse index finger,

twitchy eye’s syndrome days from staring at that screen.

No more food for thought, only food or thought please,

I can only focus on one of the other.


It’s only worth however much your willing sacrifice of yourself,

how far your willing to go to make it.

Or just stop and get a regular job.

~ Jason Chu

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