Random tawts #1

August 28, 2009 at 12:14 am (Musings) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Weird day for me.

Woke up after 10 hrs. of sleep, which is rare because I’m an insomniac. For example, last week I went five nights in a row where I didn’t sleep. Now can that be you say? Well, during day I’m really tired and have micro sleeps or impromptu naps.  Anyhow, back to today…

-I actually woke up with an organized writing plan/outline and managed to finish 2 articles for my examiner.com page. I was quite excited since I haven’t been so consistent with it, still have to write a lot more to gain a following.

-Yesterday played “Rockband” with some friends, realized that my “minor tremens” (small uncontrollable tremors of the fingers & some carpal tunnel strain) was physically incapacitating me from playing “Rockband” beyond a medium level…the shame.

-The dog upstairs barks incessantly & I was told that it was going senile in its’ old age (feel sad for it, but that doesn’t take away the headache)

-Having a brother, who is a dentist, is awesome when you visit (never need to buy toothpaste again! I got 15 tubes tonight!)

-My dad and I had an hour long “loud” discussion when I visited the parents, and surprisingly we came out it hugs!!

-I was supposed to go see some bands play at the Horseshoe tonight, but I got out late, got hungry, got lost, couldn’t find parking, and realized I was way too late (ie. I am the perfect example of someone who NEEDS GPS!!!) My friends make fun of my wrong turns…they kinda chuckle when I offer to give rides home and someone accepts…meh!

-P.S. I’m sorry “Sun Satellite” for missing the show…please send the video clips though, I can include them in an article.

-Listening to Goth-rock/metal actually sounds cool at night in your car (My new Lacuna Coil album)

-Did a mega-sized load of laundry (it’s always a successful day when I do laundry!)

-Gonna go on Twitter for a bit before I sleep because I promised to follow a lot of people when I got back (I tweeted it of course!)



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