Figured it out!

February 7, 2010 at 11:04 am (Musings)

For last few months I have been working hard at writing quality articles on Canadian indie music at ‘The Examiner’. The thing is, when I sign into the publishing part of the website, they show all the analytics/statistics of your articles (i.e. views, # articles, which examiners get the most views). So everyone has a good idea of how their own work is doing.

The last category bothered me because I thought I had done everything in my power for my views to be in the top 5 in Canada. I learned the tricks like: adding picture slideshows, linking articles back to previous ones, embedding videos, and to publish often (well I tried). Some people told me it’s the subject matter – Canadian indie music. They thought that there would be little interest in it compared to articles on mainstream popular items.

Although I could see that logic, I didn’t want to believe that, and I knew there was more I could try to improve my ratings/views. Today I think I have figured it out. First and foremost I need to post new content often, but also to post “events” for indie concert listings for the month…that would get me more views too! If someone clicks on an event I put up, that’s another view for my statistics. So, I’m gonna try this out, and put up lots of indie music events & see if that increases my daily views/rate.

It was tricky to figure out how to post events (lots of info to type in), but it was worth the perseverance. So, if I post local indie music events – I should get more views/viewers.

I’ll let you know if it works, when more stats come in (but I gotta input all those events first!). It’s a slow process improving at your craft, but I am learning and making adjustments to make my sites better.



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