North By North East Music Festival ’10 (My schedule)

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Jon Janes of The Mountain & The Trees plays NXEW!

I will be doing some driving of artist/bands to & fro the airport/hotel. I will do my best! Although, I have practiced driving the routes & seen some of the G20 road closures…please pray for me!!

I am hoping to cover/film 3 days of NXNE (if I have enough energy):

Wednesday June 16th,

Thursday June 17th,
Day: Still Life Still, Hollerado, Dinosaur Bones, The Balconies, Sandman Viper Command, PS I Love You

Night: NXEW showcase: (Gladstone Hotel Ballroom) Volcanoless in Canada, The Mountain & The Trees, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Rock Plaza Central.

Friday June 18th,
Morning: Drive

Night: (Velvet Underground) Fantasy Defender, (Gladstone Hotel Ballroom) Ghost Bees, Timber Timbre, DD/MM/YYYY, C’Mon, Styrofoam Ones.

(Photo from: ) Indie band DD/MM/YYYY

Saturday June 19th,
Off, (home) publish The Mountain & The Trees spotlight for NXEW, etc.

Sunday June 20th,
Day: Drive

Night: Outdoor Mainstage (Yonge-Dundas Square) De La Soul, Kid Sister, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Big Freedia, Chin Injeti, Spookey Rueben.

Rest up, than start writing…something like that 🙂

Kid Sister

NXNE bunny is going to be busy this week!

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Their Talent always shines through…Darrelle London and Charice

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I know that I don’t blog very much nowadays (because I’m always trying to up the content on my other sites), however, occasionally I see thinks that “spike” me into writing a reply.

I woke up today Sun. May 23rd, 2010 & I saw 2 things in the Sunday Entertainment section of the Toronto Star (the biggest newspaper in Canada) that struck my attention.

1) The top 10 music sellers according to Nielsen Soundscan for May 10 – 16th. Out of the top 10, at least 4 of those artists/bands I would count as indie music artists.

Actually #1 was an artist named Charice (real name Charice Pempengco) who gained her fame with talent, severe heavy hitter music biz backing & Oprah show.

2) There is a feature article on a couple pages later on Toronto indie music artist, Darrelle London. She has apparently been gathering steam, as her music caught the eye of Perez Hilton (signed with his music label), and she’s getting a big push with her album’s upcoming release “Edible Word Parade”.


1) Basically, I’m trying to show my point, that indie artists in many cases…crack the top selling charts. Meaning, in many cases, major music selling stars, get their start as indie artists. Not tons of them, but there are lot’s of them. As well Lady Gaga (who is on the list but I didn’t count as Indie), well about 2-3 years ago, Gaga was a New York City indie artist nobody heard about…

Charice Pempengco – I’ve known about this teenage super pop vocalist for awhile on YouTube. She’s had the backing of mega producer David Foster, and her YouTube videos can give you chills with her singing ability. Now, of course getting Oprah’s seal of approval with an invite on her show, cannot hurt an artist’s chances…

2) Darrelle London – I knew about her too…why I wrote a feature on her over a month ago. The Star article says all this good fortune is coming her way, which it is, however, she was instrumental in that happening. She contacted Perez Hilton, she sends her music to anyone she thinks would be interested (like me), basically she makes her own chances, and I happy for her successes (like getting on 90210) soundtrack.

My closing statement is that if you have a good ear (or write about music all the time), know what quality/talented artists/music sounds like, you will generally have heard of the “Breaking New Music Artists” way before they have broken into the mainstream (you aren’t surprised!).

For example,Stefani Germanotta, now known as Lady Gaga, performing at Ultraviolet Live, NYU’s annual talent show. She ended up coming in 3rd place. 2nd place was Funky Butter. 1st place was Tom Costello & Stephan Magloire. I think this was 2006…

Lady GaGa before she was famous…

~Jason a.k.a. Chodidee

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Possible indie music interviews

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I’ll keep this short. Through communicating back and forth these musicians have agreed (in principal/theory) to do an interview with me. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s in person or by phone b/c. in this cases, the bands are a far distance away. The trick is trying to schedule it when their tours arrive in Toronto.

For example, in the summer I got in contact with Vancouver artist, Leah West & she agreed to do an interview when she came to Toronto, however, she wasn’t scheduled to come for a few months. When I realized it, she was gone in other cities on her tour. My bad mistake.

Leah West - singer/songwriter

Leah West - alternative/pop/folk rock

1. Eternia (Toronto/NYC)

Eternia's going worldwide! (Congrats on the record deal!)

Eternia's going worldwide! (Congrats on the record deal!)

2. Papermoon (Winnipeg/Manitoba)

Indie pop rock band - so underrated...

Indie pop rock band - so underrated...

3. The Mountain & the Trees (St. Johns/Newfoundland)

Coming to Toronto for Canadian Music Fest 2010

Coming to Toronto for Canadian Music Fest 2010

4. Fields of Green (Vancouver/B.C.)

New album "Blanktown" out now...

New album "Blanktown" out now...

We’ll see if I can organize this all & do it properly. We’ll find out, however, I’ll get trying to set these up in the next few weeks. Right now, I want to throw up as many articles & content on the Examiner page, and some on NxEW. Check you later…

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From opening for Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment, pop sensation Jesse Labelle returned to his home soil in Toronto 2 weeks ago to unleash his debut music video “Perfect Accident” live on MuchMusic’s “Much On Demand”. The video from Jesse’s “Perfect Accident EP” will debut on the MuchMusic countdown at #20 and has also been added into heavy rotation at Much More Music and Punch Much (Check out the tour video link below).

On tour, his heartfelt ballads and uptempo pop songs were met positively from audiences across the country. Opening for Emily Osment, Jesse had the opportunity to win over a legion of new young fans, witnessed by the long lines at the merch booth and his post show meet ‘n’ greets where literally thousands of (screaming) fans waited several hours for a chance to have a picture taken with the young singer songwriter.

Jesse Labelle’s “Perfect Accident EP” debut release, recorded with Dave Thomson (Lights) is already off to a running start hitting #1 on the Soundscan Singles Chart this past week. The digital version of the EP which came out in November soared into the Top 10 on iTunes Pop Album Chart the week it was released. This 4 song introduction is but a small taste of what is to come on Jesse’s full length release slated for a mid-March release on Wax Records.

DOWNLOAD photos, album art, logo, bio here:
VIEW music video and fact sheet:
VIEW tour wrap-up video:




Perfect Accident EP on iTunes:

Jesse on “Much on Demand”:


Jesse Labelle – “Perfect Accident” Official Video

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Eternia x KRS-One x Haiti

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Everywhere you look, so much is being said about the events in Haiti this past week. It feels like whatever I express here will not do the situation justice, and runs the risk of being misinterpreted or misread. I think it is safe to say that we all wish the same thing for Haiti: relief & restoration. How you choose to play your part, in making that wish a reality, is really on you…


(thx 2 Danny Castro for giving us the opportunity to donate our time & talent for Haiti this Sunday.. if you’re in NYC please come out)

All proceeds go to:, &

Eternia rocks “FOR THE PEOPLE” this Sunday in NYC!

Haiti Benefit Show w/ Chesney Snow & Colin Dean @ HIGHLINE BALLROOM 01/24/10!

431 W 16 Street (btwn 9th & 10th Avenue)
Doors @ 8pm / show @ 9pm
$20 suggested donation / $10 minimum donation
Documented by Multi-Hop TV

Performances by:
Eternia w/ Chesney Snow & Colin Dean, Earthman Experience, A.D.M., A-Alikes, Homeboy Sandman, Oveous Maximus, Soul Purpose (feat. Swiss Chris), Supa Nova Slom, Negus Okai & BrownRice Family, Najee, Saga One

Music By:
Hard Hittin Harry & Madsol-Desar

Eternia LIVE w/ KRS-ONE!

w/ Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo @ SOUTHPAW in Brooklyn 01/29/10!

125 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
door time: 8PM / 9PM SHOW
$15 advance / $18 @ the door

Performances by:
Eternia w/ Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo,
Jah C & The AnTiDote, Donny Goines and
The Legendary KRS-ONE


Eternia on the COME-UP in ’09!

DJ Dyllemma & DJ Sav One releases FREE “Coming Up in ’09” Mixtape


NEW Eternia music featured alongside Blackthought, Skillz, Reef the Lost Cauze, KRS & Buckshot, Wu-tang Clan, Blitz the Ambassador, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, Termanology, JJ Brown, Saukrates, Torae + more


  • THE COMEBACK JAM” (aka the ‘Woohoo-We-Got-a-Record-Deal‘ Celebration) @ SPUTNIK, Brooklyn – Friday, Feb. 26
  • Eternia @ SXSW w/ THE BAND! (Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo) in Austin, TX March 17-21

Banner Photography by: B-Fresh

Many thanks, as always, for all the support and please share the content freely. For press info or any business inquiries, please respond to this e-mail and you will be directed accordingly.

Previously Posted:

EPISODE #13 “Meet MoSS” feat. DJ Premier, Termanology & Statik Selektah
EPISODE #12 “Midwest State of Mind” feat. Evidence (Dilated Peoples) & DJ Chela
EPISODE #11 “R.I.P. to Female Emcees” feat. MC Lyte & Jean Grae
EPISODE #10 “Meet the Band” ft. Pumpkinhead & Steele (Smif-n-Wessun)
EPISODE #9 “Safe Sex In Bed-Stuy” ft. The Youth of P.R.Y.
EPISODE #8 “Come See Me!” ft. Agallah & Big Zoo
EPISODE #7 “Quilombo!” ft. Bocafloja
EPISODE #6 “Makin’ Grown Men Cry” ft. 88-Keys & Skyzoo
EPISODE #5 “Where’s the Leak?” ft. Marco Polo & Torae
EPISODE #4 “Live @ Lyricist Lounge” ft. Jeru the Damaja
EPISODE #3 “Live in Brooklyn” ft. Pharoahe Monch
EPISODE #2 “The Setup” ft. DJ Premier
EPISODE #1 “Wrestlemania in Queens”

Artist Contact:

©2010 Eternia | New York, NY 10011

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“Latent Anxiety” is a nominee for online eWorld Music Award 2010

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About half a year ago, as I was just beginning my foray into Social media, I got wind of the experimental/electronic/rock band from L.A. called Latent Anxiety. They a bring a dark vibe in their mix of sounds, with dark videos, but with strong relevant lyrics. It’s a hybrid of electronic and rock to produce a euro industrial sound. It’s really hard to describe, there’s links for you check below, and I’ll put in one my fav videos of theirs.

Latent Anxiety is an accomplished group, winning awards in a variety of categories. In the past, Latent Anxiety won the Equinox I Music Video & Audio Contest 2009

Presently, Latent Anxiety is one of the three contending nominees to win the online eWorld Music Award 2010 If you can help them out and vote for them, as today is the last day of the competition.  But you be the judge, the links and video are below.

~Jason a.k.a. Chodidee

Check out their links:

Latent Anxiety – Galley [HD]

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Junior League Band is the real deal

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The funny thing is at the Examiner website, my topic is Canadian music, which is a large and broad topic, however, I’m not allowed to write about anything else. This of course leaves out many great musicians/indie bands out there. So, I’ll use this blog to put up some cool new “foreign” music that I’m not allowed print at the

You know that saying, “when you least expect it, you get it!”, well that saying goes far in explaining how I got introduced to this next band’s music. Normally, it’s myself trolling through the internet, music sites, listening to songs, looking for that group that just shines & sparkles. Oftentimes it’s few and far between. This time the band, found me on Twitter. I usually find my way listening to most of what people send me, but realistically I only time to write about a certain number of acts.

There are many ways to look at indie: just starting out & trying to find their sound; those that are starting to turn heads & have the talent, and are gigging like mad to make it (at this time they are pretty much ready); Indie/underground groups that have been around so long that they are very respected, but shameful they didn’t break through into the mainstream.

I would class the Junior League band in the second category, as they certainly are up and coming, but they bring a throwback roots/americana/country/acoustic sound. The Lissy Rosemount (the singer) stands out from the pack as her soulful voice that is truly unique, & the band has that polished sound that comes with many performances together. Anyway, you can check out their videos for yourselves. I chose: South Carolina Blues and Kiss You In The Morning b/c. they are more their “music videos”, the other clips are more raw performances.

Junior League Band- South Carolina Blues

Junior League Band – Kiss You In The Morning

If you want to see more, or leave a comment with them, check out these links:

Junior League Band’s Official Homepage:

Junior League Band’s YouTube channel:

Junior League Band’s Myspace page:

Junior League Band’s Twitter:

~ Jason Chu

Canadian Music Examiner

Jason Chu’s Twitter

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10 years of waiting for…Dawn Langstroth

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Dawn Langstroth exclusive article (The Examiner)

Written by: Jason Chu

Dawn Langstroth "Highwire" will release Sept. 25th, 2009

Dawn Langstroth "Highwire" will be released Sept. 25th, 2009

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Who is Justin Bieber? Does he deserve his 15 minutes of fame…so soon?

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Examiner Bio

The Examiner: article written by ~ Jason Chu

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