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From opening for Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment, pop sensation Jesse Labelle returned to his home soil in Toronto 2 weeks ago to unleash his debut music video “Perfect Accident” live on MuchMusic’s “Much On Demand”. The video from Jesse’s “Perfect Accident EP” will debut on the MuchMusic countdown at #20 and has also been added into heavy rotation at Much More Music and Punch Much (Check out the tour video link below).

On tour, his heartfelt ballads and uptempo pop songs were met positively from audiences across the country. Opening for Emily Osment, Jesse had the opportunity to win over a legion of new young fans, witnessed by the long lines at the merch booth and his post show meet ‘n’ greets where literally thousands of (screaming) fans waited several hours for a chance to have a picture taken with the young singer songwriter.

Jesse Labelle’s “Perfect Accident EP” debut release, recorded with Dave Thomson (Lights) is already off to a running start hitting #1 on the Soundscan Singles Chart this past week. The digital version of the EP which came out in November soared into the Top 10 on iTunes Pop Album Chart the week it was released. This 4 song introduction is but a small taste of what is to come on Jesse’s full length release slated for a mid-March release on Wax Records.

DOWNLOAD photos, album art, logo, bio here:  http://jesselabelle.com/artwork
VIEW music video and fact sheet: http://web.me.com/waxrecords/JesseLabelle/Info.html
VIEW tour wrap-up video: http://gallery.me.com/jamieapples/100566




Perfect Accident EP on iTunes:

Jesse on “Much on Demand”:


Jesse Labelle – “Perfect Accident” Official Video


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Eternia x KRS-One x Haiti

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Everywhere you look, so much is being said about the events in Haiti this past week. It feels like whatever I express here will not do the situation justice, and runs the risk of being misinterpreted or misread. I think it is safe to say that we all wish the same thing for Haiti: relief & restoration. How you choose to play your part, in making that wish a reality, is really on you…


(thx 2 Danny Castro for giving us the opportunity to donate our time & talent for Haiti this Sunday.. if you’re in NYC please come out)

All proceeds go to: lifefortheworld.com, helpinghandsbringsunshine.org & ruralhaitiproject.org

Eternia rocks “FOR THE PEOPLE” this Sunday in NYC!

Haiti Benefit Show w/ Chesney Snow & Colin Dean @ HIGHLINE BALLROOM 01/24/10!

431 W 16 Street (btwn 9th & 10th Avenue)
Doors @ 8pm / show @ 9pm
$20 suggested donation / $10 minimum donation
Documented by Multi-Hop TV

Performances by:
Eternia w/ Chesney Snow & Colin Dean, Earthman Experience, A.D.M., A-Alikes, Homeboy Sandman, Oveous Maximus, Soul Purpose (feat. Swiss Chris), Supa Nova Slom, Negus Okai & BrownRice Family, Najee, Saga One

Music By:
Hard Hittin Harry & Madsol-Desar

Eternia LIVE w/ KRS-ONE!

w/ Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo @ SOUTHPAW in Brooklyn 01/29/10!

125 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
door time: 8PM / 9PM SHOW
$15 advance / $18 @ the door

Performances by:
Eternia w/ Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo,
Jah C & The AnTiDote, Donny Goines and
The Legendary KRS-ONE


Eternia on the COME-UP in ’09!

DJ Dyllemma & DJ Sav One releases FREE “Coming Up in ’09” Mixtape


NEW Eternia music featured alongside Blackthought, Skillz, Reef the Lost Cauze, KRS & Buckshot, Wu-tang Clan, Blitz the Ambassador, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, Termanology, JJ Brown, Saukrates, Torae + more



  • THE COMEBACK JAM” (aka the ‘Woohoo-We-Got-a-Record-Deal‘ Celebration) @ SPUTNIK, Brooklyn – Friday, Feb. 26
  • Eternia @ SXSW w/ THE BAND! (Chesney Snow, Colin Dean & DJ Boo) in Austin, TX March 17-21

Banner Photography by: B-Fresh

Many thanks, as always, for all the support and please share the content freely. For press info or any business inquiries, please respond to this e-mail and you will be directed accordingly.

Previously Posted:

EPISODE #13 “Meet MoSS” feat. DJ Premier, Termanology & Statik Selektah
EPISODE #12 “Midwest State of Mind” feat. Evidence (Dilated Peoples) & DJ Chela
EPISODE #11 “R.I.P. to Female Emcees” feat. MC Lyte & Jean Grae
EPISODE #10 “Meet the Band” ft. Pumpkinhead & Steele (Smif-n-Wessun)
EPISODE #9 “Safe Sex In Bed-Stuy” ft. The Youth of P.R.Y.
EPISODE #8 “Come See Me!” ft. Agallah & Big Zoo
EPISODE #7 “Quilombo!” ft. Bocafloja
EPISODE #6 “Makin’ Grown Men Cry” ft. 88-Keys & Skyzoo
EPISODE #5 “Where’s the Leak?” ft. Marco Polo & Torae
EPISODE #4 “Live @ Lyricist Lounge” ft. Jeru the Damaja
EPISODE #3 “Live in Brooklyn” ft. Pharoahe Monch
EPISODE #2 “The Setup” ft. DJ Premier
EPISODE #1 “Wrestlemania in Queens”

Artist Contact:


©2010 Eternia | New York, NY 10011

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“Latent Anxiety” is a nominee for online eWorld Music Award 2010

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About half a year ago, as I was just beginning my foray into Social media, I got wind of the experimental/electronic/rock band from L.A. called Latent Anxiety. They a bring a dark vibe in their mix of sounds, with dark videos, but with strong relevant lyrics. It’s a hybrid of electronic and rock to produce a euro industrial sound. It’s really hard to describe, there’s links for you check below, and I’ll put in one my fav videos of theirs.

Latent Anxiety is an accomplished group, winning awards in a variety of categories. In the past, Latent Anxiety won the Equinox I Music Video & Audio Contest 2009 www.akmusicvideo.com/contest1.php.

Presently, Latent Anxiety is one of the three contending nominees to win the online eWorld Music Award 2010 www.eworldmusicawards.com/node/29. If you can help them out and vote for them, as today is the last day of the competition.  But you be the judge, the links and video are below.

~Jason a.k.a. Chodidee

Check out their links:


Latent Anxiety – Galley [HD]

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Tardiness is unacceptable!

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Tardiness…slow…being slothful, that’s how I’ve been treating this blog site of mine for awhile & I apologize. I’ve got a lot things to ponder: I could work with someone/company to make a great blog site?? The thing was this blog was always supposed to stay underground. For those people who like my writing at Tweeple Magazine, Examiner, and my twittering….well this blog was supposed to be my backwater, my used couch of comfort. Say anything, anytime.

Of course, trying to build a rep as a writer with high quality articles that get noticed or picked up/linked by larger websites…is easy in concept, but difficult in practice. So, my focus on writing high quality multimedia articles with links on the Examiner, has been slow, as sometimes I need to really be inspired by the music or the story of a band/singer.

I’ve learned a lot of things over the past few months, & I will try to post more things here, as a preview to developing stories & articles for the Examiner. As well, I’ll try to put some more cool stuff about indie groups & bands.

Stay tuned!

Jason Chu aka Chodidees

Canadian Music Examiner

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Junior League Band is the real deal

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The funny thing is at the Examiner website, my topic is Canadian music, which is a large and broad topic, however, I’m not allowed to write about anything else. This of course leaves out many great musicians/indie bands out there. So, I’ll use this blog to put up some cool new “foreign” music that I’m not allowed print at the Examiner.com/Canada.

You know that saying, “when you least expect it, you get it!”, well that saying goes far in explaining how I got introduced to this next band’s music. Normally, it’s myself trolling through the internet, music sites, listening to songs, looking for that group that just shines & sparkles. Oftentimes it’s few and far between. This time the band, found me on Twitter. I usually find my way listening to most of what people send me, but realistically I only time to write about a certain number of acts.

There are many ways to look at indie: just starting out & trying to find their sound; those that are starting to turn heads & have the talent, and are gigging like mad to make it (at this time they are pretty much ready); Indie/underground groups that have been around so long that they are very respected, but shameful they didn’t break through into the mainstream.

I would class the Junior League band in the second category, as they certainly are up and coming, but they bring a throwback roots/americana/country/acoustic sound. The Lissy Rosemount (the singer) stands out from the pack as her soulful voice that is truly unique, & the band has that polished sound that comes with many performances together. Anyway, you can check out their videos for yourselves. I chose: South Carolina Blues and Kiss You In The Morning b/c. they are more their “music videos”, the other clips are more raw performances.

Junior League Band- South Carolina Blues

Junior League Band – Kiss You In The Morning

If you want to see more, or leave a comment with them, check out these links:

Junior League Band’s Official Homepage: http://www.juniorleagueband.com/

Junior League Band’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JuniorLeague

Junior League Band’s Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/juniorleagueband

Junior League Band’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/JrLeagueBand2

~ Jason Chu

Canadian Music Examiner

Jason Chu’s Twitter

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Reflections: pop music vs. classical music

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music comic

Pop music vs. Classical

I’m not sure what it is, however, there has been an “elitist” bias among practitioners of classical music (and jazz to an extent) towards pop music. With their complexities, and often times, numerous years of study at music programs, classical musicians reverence of historical catalogues, yet it doesn’t improve their popularity among the masses.

On the other hand, pop music (in this case all popular music) keeps growing in popularity with the advent of the internet. Sometimes there has been collaborations like Metallica’s orchestral performances, or anytime you bring in a string section in a pop tune ballad.

Classical music activists say there is no interest to classical/jazz music & that in many ways it’s dying (sales of songs/albums). Critics blame it on the public for not appreciating the greatness of the music. Meanwhile, pop musicians like Miley Cyrus and Linkin Park sell tons of albums, itunes, merch, and ticket sales for tours. Today I checked ticketmaster and the top billed ticket price for Bonjovi concert was over $1,100 (and those were sold out within 10 minutes). And no offense, but I’m not sure if any pop artist will last as long as a Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin.

#1 Music is music & it needs be promoted through press, given publicity, shared, passed on to each successive generation. It doesn’t happen by osmosis.

My point, is that in my experiences as a music writer, I have got a lot of positive response from the pop music community and silence/ignored by the classical/jazz community. Now, I admit I don’t search out classical or jazz as much as pop music, but I have a beef with the “Classical” mindset.

Simple example, whenever I have contacted pop musicians/bands about doing an article or contacting them for background info, etc., I have usually been given a positive and response. They seem to welcome publicity and press. So, I’ve been sent many press releases, invites to shows, and made contacts within the pop music world.

On the other hand, whenever I have contacted classical/jazz musicians or venues about writing articles and giving some press on this genre of music, I’m usually “stiffed at the door.” I have contacted Koerner Hall multiple times, which is the new performance hall in Toronto specifically made for the RC (Royal Conservatory).

My beef is that I contacted them through the appropriate channels knowing that the 1st season of this concert hall is a big deal for Toronto. The thing is they didn’t get back to me with any response after taking my info down & saying it would be passed to “blah blah” and I think that’s poor that they don’t get back to me with at least an explanation as to why it’s a “no”.

If given press access, I would’ve went to the “9’s” in writing about all the great classical, jazz, world music performances that are going on there. And I really don’t understand it, because classical/jazz is definitely in the decline and a lot less popular than pop music, which get’s most of the music press.

So, I’ve got the beef out & it’s done. No grudges, I’ll even leave the link to Royal Conservatory/Koerner Hall, so you can check out their shows & go to them if you are in the GTA region (Greater Toronto Area). If you want to get the younger mainstream audiences into classical/jazz, you need all the promo you can get.

I just wonder if classical music society purposely want to keep the concerts small, quiet, in order to…have the masses stay away.

The Royal Conservatory: http://performance.rcmusic.ca/

~ Jason Chu





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New trend…that I’ve seen in YouTube videos

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As you probably know I have a YouTube channel, and for the first 2 1/2 years, I rarely used or touched it. With jumping headlong into the social media abyss, I decided to re-start/re-brand my YouTube channel as one that purely focused on music. I’ve structured it with all “Uploads” being mainstream popular music (music live performances – that will probably get more views). So, with the idea that my uploaded videos bring in viewers, all my “favourites” are than my indie, underground, unsigned music artists.

That wasn’t the trend I was talking about, you see on more popular videos (thousands, hundred thousands views, etc.), the video at first is the draw – people want to see the video (it’s fresh/new). It gets piles of views & record companies and concert-filming uploaders are happy. This is where the switch happens…after awhile when there is a fair number of comments, it becomes more like a forum board, and about the exchanges and interchanges through comments! Not only that, sometime the comments may be on a topic unrelated to the video (i.e. anything MJ).

I wasn’t aware of this before b/c. I didn’t have any videos that drew that many views. Why do they do it? I don’t really know, maybe they think they will get more attention to their own channels by posting comments? Some are just fans and like talking about the artist, other times the YouTubers get into arguments that get quite heated.

So, if you think that the only reason people use YouTube is to watch cool videos, that’s clearly not true. Another point to support that, is a lot of YouTubers are just “watchers” not “uploaders of videos”. I don’ t know the stats, but it’s true. So, a lot YouTubers come to watch & talk. Here are some samples.

My current most popular YouTube video (look at all the comments, it’s like a forum on the artist Chrisette Michele)

Chrisette Michele – Blame it on Me (Letterman – Song only version)

Radiohead – Reckoner (Live from the Basement) *The comments become dialogues & questions with each other*

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Back from the commercial break…

November 4, 2009 at 12:49 am (Musings)

Me (summer 2009)

Jason Chu (summer 2009)

As I’ve reminded myself, this blog site is mainly for me to goof off, and give me an outlet to speak. I’m not concerned by “views” and ad revenue. Hardcore music fans will find this blog, and check out what they want.

I’m gonna spend more time putting up music  that I think is worth checking out. In the past month, I’ve heard tonnes of new music and bands/singers/DJ’s…whatever! I look forward putting up reviews and posts on many of these rising indie, underground, and unsigned musicians.

Also, believe it or not posting any poetry, kinda hurt my creative writing. Poetry is just something I need to do to make sense of some of my thoughts and feelings about my life and the world around me.

I took a break from blogging (almost a month) because I needed a break, and just wanted to regroup and decide what I wanted to do with this blog. I didn’t want to write stuff that could be used against me at a later date (i.e. getting too personal with my life), so I spent the month focusing hard at “The Examiner/Canada” where I am one of the Canada Music Examiners writers. Check it out if you want: (http://www.examiner.com/x-19981-Canadian-Music-Examiner).

So, look for this blog to get active once again! You can leave comments if you want, but if you want to get a hold of me e-mail me at: jayzchu@gmail.com

~ Jason Chu

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Profile Productions: A quick beginning…now auditions!

September 26, 2009 at 9:50 am (Musings)

Jason, Renata, and my gatorade in concentration during auditions

Jason, Renata, and my gatorade in concentration during auditions

A short while ago, Ramon approached me about a project. He said this was to be a fictionalized version of  “his” story, with supernatural elements. He offered me the script writer position, which I accepted not fully aware of the challenges. Anyhow, Ramon placed an online ad in Craigslist scheduling an audition this past Thursday for a role in the movie. This role was for “the reporter”, which has a dual purpose. The actor landing the role would play a reporter in the movie as well as one in our online promotional campaign of the movie.

Being “green” to the movie process, I came in with no concrete expectations, but looking to follow cues from Ramon and collaborate in any necessary fashion. What impressed me  right away, was the professional setup of the audition area. Of course running on a tight budget, Ramon managed to come up with a suitable location for the auditions. It took place in a historic tourist home, which gave it a bit of the “Little House on the Prairie” vibe.

Back to the auditions, we had 5 candidates audition on that day, and their professionalism, acting skills, and experience was quite impressive. Why? Namely, Profile productions is just starting up, and we have this ambitious notion to make and submit this movie to the Toronto International Film Festival. A lofty goal, but better to aim high than low.

As the auditions continued, it became clearer what exactly the team was looking for. It was helpful to watch the auditions on a TV screen with a feed connected to the filming camera. This is very important because the truth is: each individual person looks different on the screen versus in real life. Also, knowing what type of reporter the role was to be fashioned from gave us a better impression of who better fit our vision of the role.

On that day, Ramon, Renata and myself, had the honour to audition these 5 gifted actresses: Joey Close, Sarah Novosel, Frances Rawlings, Nadia Persad, and Laura Screnci. To talk about the details of the audition would be disrespectful of the process, however, I truly was impressed by the creativity each actor brought to her performance.

In the audition, they had 5 minutes to talk about their background, character, and whatever else they felt pertinent to share. At this point, the panel (Ramon, Renata, and myself) would get to chance to ask some extra questions to clear up some things we wanted to know. The 2nd part consisted of a variety of subjects on popular issues, where each person would choose the topic knew the best. Ramon would begin filming them as if this was an actual news broadcast. It was very important for the team to hear her reporter “sign in and out” to help us decide who gets the role.

No surprisingly after all the actors left, we had a difficult task before us. Foremost in our minds was the believability factor and professional look and image of the “reporter”. Furthermore, the ability to create and deliver believable content in a short time, tested the skills of each actress. It was fascinating to see and hear each actress’s bio and work experience, but even more exciting to watch their  performances. The style and method was different for each actress, but it was great to see the professionalism, effort, and determination they gave in order to land the role. It was inspiring to see such commitment on something that has yet to fully come together.

As well getting a chance to hear the different lives and openly honest experiences of actors reminded me of the incredible difficulty of “making it in the entertainment business”. Their passion for the craft and desire to get credits and work, showed me passion you rarely see in other professions.

Profile Productions is starting to work on bringing the movie, “The Untold” to life! A steep learning curve awaits all of us. In the early stages of pre-production, the writer will have to put in a lot of legwork and drafts and re-writes till the screenplay/script is completed to our satisfaction.

Here is a link to the Profile Productions website and Ramon’s commentary about the auditions with the results. http://profileproductions.ca/2009/09/08/the-untold/

Stay tuned…

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10 years of waiting for…Dawn Langstroth

September 18, 2009 at 1:07 am (Indie Artists, Music Reviews) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Dawn Langstroth exclusive article (The Examiner)

Written by: Jason Chu


Dawn Langstroth "Highwire" will release Sept. 25th, 2009

Dawn Langstroth "Highwire" will be released Sept. 25th, 2009

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