The Ryes

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Name: The Ryes

Genre: Rock/Pop/Alternative

Major/Indie/Unsigned: Indie



Overall Rating (out of 4): 3

Musicality – Their pop rock sound is very retro 70’s Brit rock style. They obviously take their influences from such great Brit bands like: Queen, The Beatles, Bowie, Blur, and even The Police. As far as their musicality, it’s quite progressive for pop/rock and they play well together as a band (as you can see in the live show clip below). I really enjoyed the use of the keyboard parts in the classic sense adding a splash of color to every song.

Singing – A strong and interesting pop voice (The Brit accent always helps!). There is a pleasant positiveness that you get when you listen to Paul Canning sing. He is singer whose voice is well suited to the band.

Lyrics – Catchy, catchy lyrics, the type where you would be singing along in the car without knowing it. Fun vibe!

Flow/Rhythm – It has very forward moving, bouncy flow to the music. Sing-along songs.

Freshness – Sometimes retro is just retro, but “The Rye” puts a spin on their songs to make them sound fresh and relevant to the present.

Technicality/Recording – Sounds great, no problems here!

Visuals – Only a few videos up on Youtube (good to get more exposure), so more content would probably help. Their Myspace page is excellent! It has a real artsy alternative/indie look in the design. Again, it’s ultimately about the music and “The Rye” just have that “it”. They just got to market themselves, and do shows, and more shows to get that exposure. Also, being a little more proactive/aggressive with online marketing of their music is a good idea.

Top 2 Songs:

1. How Come Loretta (Just a great song to listen to and sing-along with in the car)

2. Separation (Very Queen-esque, but original and has a great pop style & music sensibility)

~ Jason Chu


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