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From opening for Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment, pop sensation Jesse Labelle returned to his home soil in Toronto 2 weeks ago to unleash his debut music video “Perfect Accident” live on MuchMusic’s “Much On Demand”. The video from Jesse’s “Perfect Accident EP” will debut on the MuchMusic countdown at #20 and has also been added into heavy rotation at Much More Music and Punch Much (Check out the tour video link below).

On tour, his heartfelt ballads and uptempo pop songs were met positively from audiences across the country. Opening for Emily Osment, Jesse had the opportunity to win over a legion of new young fans, witnessed by the long lines at the merch booth and his post show meet ‘n’ greets where literally thousands of (screaming) fans waited several hours for a chance to have a picture taken with the young singer songwriter.

Jesse Labelle’s “Perfect Accident EP” debut release, recorded with Dave Thomson (Lights) is already off to a running start hitting #1 on the Soundscan Singles Chart this past week. The digital version of the EP which came out in November soared into the Top 10 on iTunes Pop Album Chart the week it was released. This 4 song introduction is but a small taste of what is to come on Jesse’s full length release slated for a mid-March release on Wax Records.

DOWNLOAD photos, album art, logo, bio here:  http://jesselabelle.com/artwork
VIEW music video and fact sheet: http://web.me.com/waxrecords/JesseLabelle/Info.html
VIEW tour wrap-up video: http://gallery.me.com/jamieapples/100566




Perfect Accident EP on iTunes:

Jesse on “Much on Demand”:


Jesse Labelle – “Perfect Accident” Official Video

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C.N. Tower beside me as I type here, listening to Pre-release Ashley Tisdale album

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C.N. Tower beside me as I type here, listening to pre – release Ashley Tisdale album
Today at 2:03am | Edit Note | Delete

It’s 1:31 am – I’m at staying at my sister’s condo in downtown Toronto (C.N. Tower is right outside my window) because I have a teacher upgrade course going Monday – Saturday. It will be full-time study..yuck! It will be difficult to keep up my website & Tweeple writing this week.

Oh yah, and I have a rough cold/sinus infection that it is wiping me out.

My course starts at 9:00am Monday morning, approximately 8 hours away…and what am I doing?

I decided to open up the digital pre-release Ashley Tisdale’s “Guilty Pleasure” album. Yup that’s right, Tweeple Magazine passed her album to me over 2 weeks before it’s released in stores…Ah, ah…no I’m not making copies (or else I’d be shot).

So, I’m listening to her music when all sanity tells me I should be sleeping. It’s all your fault Ashley! Hahaha! I’m going insane here, and typing it for your pleasure…or pain. Whatever.

I won’t do the review tonight (b/c. I’m not sane) because I need to listen to it numerous times, and input my thoughts on my music reviews template. Than I’ll print out my music review template, and use that to as a base to write my official Tweeple Magazine album review article on Ashley Tisdale’s album. Of course, I will pore over articles and internet information about her, so that I can write an expert/professional article as I possibly can.

Small tip: The better quality article you write, the greater chance that a larger/big name website might link your article to your website (ie. yahoo, msn, mtv, much music, etc.). If your article is linked to a bigger site, your site (Tweeple Magazine) gets a much bigger profile/platform, not mention much more views. And I guess for me, because my name is on every article, my name as an online writer gets a little stronger/more exposure/attention to my writing.

The best thing is I know I’m doing this for the right reasons, I thoroughly enjoy writing, creating/sculpting an article with a theme or angle, choosing a headline photo, etc.

I am working on strategies, in stages/steps, to eventually be working “paid” full-time as a writer. but EVERYTHING in between is the hard knocks of paying your dues, earning the respect of people who could care less because they have hundreds of would be writers willing to write your article.

That’s why everything you write/submitted to be published, must be your best quality. It must be your voice they hear the words, beyond the fancy grammar, syntax, conjugation, writing style…you must be able to connect with the reader, with just your words.

O.K. Ashley’s album is finished…gotta get some sleep now. Write ya later.

Jason Chu




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