Their Talent always shines through…Darrelle London and Charice

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I know that I don’t blog very much nowadays (because I’m always trying to up the content on my other sites), however, occasionally I see thinks that “spike” me into writing a reply.

I woke up today Sun. May 23rd, 2010 & I saw 2 things in the Sunday Entertainment section of the Toronto Star (the biggest newspaper in Canada) that struck my attention.

1) The top 10 music sellers according to Nielsen Soundscan for May 10 – 16th. Out of the top 10, at least 4 of those artists/bands I would count as indie music artists.

Actually #1 was an artist named Charice (real name Charice Pempengco) who gained her fame with talent, severe heavy hitter music biz backing & Oprah show.

2) There is a feature article on a couple pages later on Toronto indie music artist, Darrelle London. She has apparently been gathering steam, as her music caught the eye of Perez Hilton (signed with his music label), and she’s getting a big push with her album’s upcoming release “Edible Word Parade”.


1) Basically, I’m trying to show my point, that indie artists in many cases…crack the top selling charts. Meaning, in many cases, major music selling stars, get their start as indie artists. Not tons of them, but there are lot’s of them. As well Lady Gaga (who is on the list but I didn’t count as Indie), well about 2-3 years ago, Gaga was a New York City indie artist nobody heard about…

Charice Pempengco – I’ve known about this teenage super pop vocalist for awhile on YouTube. She’s had the backing of mega producer David Foster, and her YouTube videos can give you chills with her singing ability. Now, of course getting Oprah’s seal of approval with an invite on her show, cannot hurt an artist’s chances…

2) Darrelle London – I knew about her too…why I wrote a feature on her over a month ago. The Star article says all this good fortune is coming her way, which it is, however, she was instrumental in that happening. She contacted Perez Hilton, she sends her music to anyone she thinks would be interested (like me), basically she makes her own chances, and I happy for her successes (like getting on 90210) soundtrack.

My closing statement is that if you have a good ear (or write about music all the time), know what quality/talented artists/music sounds like, you will generally have heard of the “Breaking New Music Artists” way before they have broken into the mainstream (you aren’t surprised!).

For example,Stefani Germanotta, now known as Lady Gaga, performing at Ultraviolet Live, NYU’s annual talent show. She ended up coming in 3rd place. 2nd place was Funky Butter. 1st place was Tom Costello & Stephan Magloire. I think this was 2006…

Lady GaGa before she was famous…

~Jason a.k.a. Chodidee

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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt share their faith in Jesus! As Perez Hilton attacks them!

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Maxims 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration - Red Carpet

There is a saying that goes, “You can talk about everything except, religion, money, and politics.” Of course, this statement is in regards to avoiding confrontation, arguments, and emotionally charged conversations. Therefore, if these topics are avoided, and you err on the safe side, everybody goes home happy.

As usual, Hollywood, and more specifically reality stars don’t play by those rules. In this case, Heidi Montag, star of MTV’s the Hills, has been tweeting about her personal faith in Jesus. She is a born again Christian, and there’s even talk of her releasing a Christian album, however, that’s not the point.

The funny thing is that online media articles related to Heidi’s faith question her being a born-again Christian because of her provocative dress in music videos and television. Now let me share that I am a born-again Christian, have been for over 11 years, and I believe very strongly that Heidi’s recent tweets show that she IS a Christian beyond doubt through her words. Yet, the online media is also correct in that it is by one’s actions that you can tell if someone is a Christian through his/her lifestyle and choices.

Media is too quick to judge and label people based on their past. I believe that change is possible, and that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt can grow and change like anyone else. Interestingly though, it seems Perez Hilton felt he needed to jump into Heidi’s and Spencer’s tweets and diss them about their faith. So Heidi and Spencer are Christians, they like to tweet about it, do they need approval from Perez Hilton for how to tweet their faith on Twitter?

Sometimes I wonder, if Perez will ever stay out of the fray, and just leave some celebrities alone. He either loves or hates a celebrity, nothing in between. For crying out loud, Perez Hilton was invited to and went to Heidi and Spencer’s wedding on April 25th, 2009. Now, barely 2 months later, he is insulting both of them, their faith, and unfollowing Heidi on Twitter over her profession of faith! Perez Hilton, that is shameful and classless, but I guess you’re just being you?

The funny thing is I do have a small measure of respect (decreasing daily though) for Perez because I think he is actually being true to himself by dissing celebrities and having the guts to be confrontational with them through his speech and writing. If he were faking nice it would be worse because he be acting dishonest and not himself. I’ve thought to myself, “What is the appeal of Perez Hilton?” The best answer I could think of was that some people out there, who dislike celebrities and their status, enjoy seeing someone who has celebrity clout (Perez), lash out and put the celebrities in their places.

The thing is he is clearly abusing his power and celebrity influence by believing “whatever he says/thinks…is right!” I know for a fact that there was a “Unfollow Perez Hilton” campaign that was spreading on Twitter after his shameful insult of MJ at the time of his death, but it actually hasn’t changed anything with his twitter account. Checking tonight, I saw that he’s actually gone and added over 10,000 viewers in the past week! Sad that there isn’t any consequences for his behaviour!

In today’s internet online world, people seem to forgive and forget quite fast. In the past, individual celebrities were never bigger than the Entertainment industry itself, and there always seemed to be a class to Hollywood, even if it was an “old boys club”. Now, anything goes, with the advent of reality shows like punk’d, Jackass, Wildboyz, etc., braking down that notion of class. It’s no longer necessary for celebrities to have class or decency to become a celebrity or star. On the other hand, it’s the opposite with things like scandal, sex tapes, paparazzi moments as sufficient to rubber stamp celebrity status. It’s no wonder that I like covering musicians more…because they at least need to know how to sing (not a fan of autotune singers), play an instrument, dance, and write/compose music  before anyone in the industry will take them seriously. I digressed, sorry.

Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect, as Perez is trying to fry Heidi and Spencer for not being, but at least I found a picture with Spencer and Heidi serving pizza to the homeless at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown L.A. (May 20th, 2009). I looked for pictures with Perez serving the community and only found pictures with him hanging out with celebrities…that’s it.

**EXCLUSIVE** Cheesy couple Heidi and Spencer dish up Pizza Hut pizza to the homeless
Excerpts from Heidi Montag tweets: @heidimontag

Jesus already won!!!!!!! Eternal life is what we need to worry about! not this life!!! I pray Jesus will protect you all!!!!!1:22 PM Jun 28th from web

@perezhilton haha there is never too much Jesus juice! Jesus was missing u at church! He loves u!6:16 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

@PerezHilton i just watched that video!!! AMAZING! praise Jesus!7:06 PM Jun 28th from web

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one7:23 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

cheek, turn to him the other.” Luke 6:277:24 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

@Perezhilton hahaha! xoxoxo11:14 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

@Perezhilton im trying to save souls!11:22 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

Jesus loves you and was sent from heaven to die on the cross for you sins so that you may have eternal life!!2:21 PM Jun 29th from web

He answered, ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.9:06 PM Jun 29th from web

And love your neighbor as you love yourself.'” Matthew 22: 379:10 PM Jun 29th from web

You can make a difference! Follow your dreams, with God all things are possible!!9:27 PM Jun 29th from web

Im going to start a woman’s biblestudy!9:30 PM Jun 29th from mobile web

good morning! im so excited to be alive today! Praise the Lord!!12:55 PM Jun 30th from web

Romans 12:21 “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”2:07 PM Jun 30th from web

get ready for Jesus coming back! watchout for the antichrist and the mark of the beast! which is the chip they want to put in you!3:22 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

the churches are being taken over! Christians speak out!! spread the news about Jesus before its too late!3:23 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton? what why? lol i love u!3:44 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton I love you! and you know who else loves you… Jesus! lol come on! xoxoxox!!4:02 PM Jun 30th from web

@perezhilton have you heard about @inforwars? you will love it!!4:08 PM Jun 30th from web

@perezhilton no silly! do your research about @inforwars its the news that they dont put in mainstreme media u know all about the media!4:15 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton we need to wake up to whats really going on in this evil world!4:17 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton dont lie that is not of Jesus! becareful thats not a game4:20 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton because Jesus has really woke me up! He is coming back soon and I need to save as many souls as i can! this life is so short!4:25 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton you are a journalist so i know that you always want all the sides and facts of the news! please just checkout @infowars!for you4:35 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

@perezhilton i love u!4:40 PM Jun 30th from web

praise Jesus! life is such a blessing!9:20 AM Jul 1st from mobile web

Jesus loves you!about 4 hours ago from mobile web

eres no king but King Jesus!about 4 hours ago from mobile web

Maxims 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration - Red Carpet

A few tweets from Spencer Pratt: @spencerpratt

@Iamlovestoned you must go to the son Jesus to get to the father! That’s why I now say “Jesus Bless you” when my friends sneeze.2:00 PM Jun 28th from TwitterFon in reply to Iamlovestoned

I am going to be a devoted soul winner for the rest of my time on this earth! i’m starting with my good friend @iamlovestoned7:18 PM Jun 28th from web

i’m on fire for the Lord! It hit me like a bunker buster how much evil this planet is up against and i am no longer standing in the dark9:18 PM Jun 28th from web

@Iamlovestoned you say enlightened i say SAVED! God’s Spirit has come to live within me and change me. My motives changed, my objective chan 9:26 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to Iamlovestoned

@Iamlovestoned , my disposition changed, and my eternal destiny changed. It begins when we open our hearts to Him!9:28 PM Jun 28th from web

i want the peace of Christ in my life overflowing to others! so if it bothers you on all my tweets i just said a prayer for you!9:29 PM Jun 28th from web

Seek God’s will in every decision. Pray. Turn to the scriptures. Seek the advice of godly friends. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.9:33 PM Jun 28th from web

@PerezHilton sorry Perez we have no more time for moderation evil is over taking earth! if earth was a peaceful place then maybe moderation9:35 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to PerezHilton

@PerezHilton Speidi is not going to Hell! We want eternal life and are bold in the name of Jesus!9:36 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to PerezHilton

@PerezHilton I have eternal life to focus on not how many followers I have!11:16 PM Jun 28th from TwitterFon in reply to PerezHilton

@PerezHilton I really want to see you in heaven ! Your heart means well! I willl continue to pray for you!11:25 PM Jun 28th from TwitterFon in reply to PerezHilton

starting today i am living my life 180 degrees different then i have for the last 25 years!1:52 PM Jun 29th from web

i deleted any bookmarks on my computer and iphone that take my focus in life away from what matters!1:53 PM Jun 29th from web

i have wasted so much time and energy on fame and pop culture with nothing but millions of haters to show for it!1:54 PM Jun 29th from web

i hope i can inspire anyone to realize that at any time in your life its not to late to change your direction and purpose1:56 PM Jun 29th from web

I am so thankful that the LORD put @heidimontag in my life to save me from heading in such an evil direction WITH NO PURPOSE!1:57 PM Jun 29th from web

i hope all my followers can forgive me for all the negative energy i put in the media with all my evil quotes and statements1:58 PM Jun 29th from web

my life from here on out is the LORD, my wife, and my country!!!!! For me these are the only things worth living and dying for!2:00 PM Jun 29th from web

Perez Hiltons 31st Birthday Bash at The Viper Room, Los Angeles

Excerpts Perez Hilton Tweets: @perezhilton

@spencerpratt JESUS, please, give it a rest with all the Jesus talk!!!!! Everything in moderation, even Jesus.9:31 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to spencerpratt@

@spencerpratt I think the devil is inside you and he’s pretending to be Jesus. We need to perform an exorcism!9:38 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to spencerpratt

I’ve been listening to @TaylorSwift13 this weekend about as much as @HeidiMontag and @SpencerPratt have been shouting-out Jesus!10:55 PM Jun 28th from web

@heidimontag People are going to start unfollowing you and @SpencerPratt cuz it’s too much JESUS JESUS JESUS all the time. Srsly!11:04 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag You’re not gonna open hearts and minds if you bash people over the head with your bible. Just sayin’!11:24 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to heidimontag

@spencerpratt Heaven is a place on earth, sang Belinda Carlise. Let’s focus on the now for a bit shall we? Leave eternal salvation for tomm.11:26 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to spencerpratt

@spencerpratt @HeidiMontag Does this mean you’re going to stop smoking pot? I don’t think God approves of weed!2:37 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to spencerpratt

@heidimontag Jesus can’t wait to see you in Playboy magazine! xoxo2:42 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Do I need to stage an intervention???? You and @SpencerPratt are out of control!!!!!!4:14 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Are you gonna be singing about Jesus???11:12 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to heidimontag

@babygirlparis Have you found the Lord yet? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior? @HeidiMontag would like to speak with you!8:31 AM Jun 30th from web in reply to babygirlparis

@heidimontag I’m falling into your trap. Okay, Heidi… What is “Identical”?3:13 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag That’s it! I’m unfollowing you!3:24 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag I love you too. But I really did unfollow you. Seeing this Tweet in my @PerezHilton “replies”.3:45 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag I’ll follow you again if you promise not to be so batshit crazy about Jesus on Twitter.3:46 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Love Jesus. Share your love. But IN MODERATION. Maybe just one two Jesus posts a day? No need for five or ten!!!3:47 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag That’s better!4:06 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Did you joint some fucking cult?! Jesus save you!4:10 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Join that is.4:11 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Infowars is funded by Satan! I spoke to Jesus. He told me himself!4:18 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag How could the world be evil if God created it? Are you saying God is evil?4:21 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag I think you need to be reading more of the Bible and less of Infowars.4:21 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag P.S. Did you stop smoking weed? Are you going through marijuana withdrawals? Why have you been acting so strange?4:22 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag The devil has crept into your brain, Heidi! I think we need an exorcism!4:31 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag Jesus thinks you should quite The Hills then. You can save a lot more souls that way!4:32 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@heidimontag I love you too, when you’re not scaring me. xoxo4:45 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to heidimontag

@HeidiMontag @SpencerPratt WTF???? Insanity!2:47 PM Jul 1st from web

@heidimontag Burger King, bitch!23 minutes ago from web in reply to heidimontag

~ Jason Chu (@Chodidees)

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