DJ Lemon8

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DJ Lemon8

DJ Lemon8

Name:  DJ Lemon8

Genre: Progressive House/Techno/House

Major/Indie/Unsigned: Indie

Album: N/A as far as I know, but his new website is coming soon!

Record Label: Bandung-Armada-Plus8-Bedrock-Basic Energy & more

From: Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Overall Rating (out of 4): 3.5

Musicality – The music of this Techno/Dance/House pioneer is extraordinary. The beats are steady, straightforward, and constantly pounding (drive the floor of any dance floor). The interweaving beats create complex rhythms within the music. The mixing of the synthesizer notes and the throbbing/driving bass music, keep DJ Lemon8’s music very vibrant & exciting. Surprisingly, there is a complexity in each track, and each one has a completely different vibe (not all the same).

Singing – The vocals are much like most dance/techno tracks, with a female voice weaving in and out of the song, repeating phrases. The vocals are distinguishable, but not the driving force of the tracks. The main thrust of the singing is to have the vocals pop in at key moments like the chorus/hook, and provide memorable counterpoints to the thundering music underneath the vocals.

Lyrics – The lyrics are simple enough revolving around the themes of the title of the songs.

Flow/Rhythm – Incredible flow and rhythms! You can almost feel yourself inside a club (I provided links to DJ Lemon8’s performances). The progressive nature of DJ Lemon8’s music is such that the beats, build, switch, and interchange at such precise moments that make it so contagious to listen to! The bass parts at many times counterpoint or “fill” the gaps of the drums, to create a marvelous “full” rhythm section. It is also worth noting, that DJ Lemon8 doesn’t rush into his creative  climax in the track, but let’s it build like a rising wave, where we await the impending the crescendo!

Freshness – DJ Lemon8 is a trendsetter and pioneer in dance music, so it comes as no surprise that his music sounds so fresh. There is a clean crispness to his music, not sloppy, and always interesting to listen to the first through ten times listening to it.

Technicality/Recording – The mixing and recording of Lemon8 music is near flawless. Everything is on and sounds tight. DJ Lemon8 definitely shows his  expert mixing skills with careful listening to all his tracks!

Visuals – DJ Lemon8 uses primarily an image of himself in most of his photos/profiles. Sometimes the photos are in a glossy colorful look, but other times it’s a simple photograph of himself. It’s fine, however, one thing he could do to improve, would be to make a “brand” or logo of his DJ Lemon8 name itself. That would help spread his name a bit more visually, but that’s a small thing.

Top #2 Songs:

1. New York New York (Just an amazing track with powerful techno beats, and cool breakdowns)

2. Greed – Strange World(A great track that just builds and builds, adding layers until you hit the frenzied climax, that will probably have you dancing!).

*Bonus: More Live Performance by DJ Lemon8

3. Triple Funk (Funky djembe-like rhythms with driving high hat percussion, makes this a crazy busy track. The synthesizer melodies just make it trippy.)

~ Jason Chu

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