Mr. J Medeiros (of The Procussions)

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Name: Mr. J Medeiros (of The Procussions)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Major/Indie/Unsigned: Indie

Album: Friends Enemies Apples Apples

Released: 2009 Summer

Overall Rating (out of 4) 3.5

Musicality – It’s all over the place musically, yet it makes it perfect sense. Quite complex for Hip Hop/Rap.

Singing – The rhymes and transitions from one MC to the next, very smooth. I can’t argue with this…Tara Ellis is featured in a song and it sounds good!

Lyrics – Quality within the rhymes, yet easy enough to understand and for some reason leaves you wanting to hear it again!

Flow/Rhythm – Very strong! Smooth sound, it’s too bad more mainstream didn’t emulate the underground because this is good, real good!

Freshness – Well worth listening to. It’s more chill Hip Hop, where you are just listening to the rhymes and music, while nodding your head.

Technicality/Recording – Excellent!

Visuals – Not much videos to be found with them (underground mentality I guess), although Mr J. Medeiros has his own Youtube channel. His Myspace page is looking good with lots of information and cool graphics. In the end, it’s about the music, and he’s got it in spades.

Top 2 Songs:

1. Love is All feat. Tara Ellis (No vids of it, so just go to Mr. J Medeiros – Myspace link at the top of the page to hear this new track. The song is amazing. For that reason I’ll pick two other songs).

These next two songs were off his 2008 “Of gods and girls” album (available on itunes)

2. Constance (Soothing Hip Hop, with an ol’ School Vibe, so catchy, and the lyrics/rhymes amazing!)

3. Miss January feat. Talib Kweli (Slick groovin’ song with positive vibes and oodles of flow and great rhymes…try not to nod your head while listening to this track).

~ Jason Chu


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