Tardiness is unacceptable!

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Tardiness…slow…being slothful, that’s how I’ve been treating this blog site of mine for awhile & I apologize. I’ve got a lot things to ponder: I could work with someone/company to make a great blog site?? The thing was this blog was always supposed to stay underground. For those people who like my writing at Tweeple Magazine, Examiner, and my twittering….well this blog was supposed to be my backwater, my used couch of comfort. Say anything, anytime.

Of course, trying to build a rep as a writer with high quality articles that get noticed or picked up/linked by larger websites…is easy in concept, but difficult in practice. So, my focus on writing high quality multimedia articles with links on the Examiner, has been slow, as sometimes I need to really be inspired by the music or the story of a band/singer.

I’ve learned a lot of things over the past few months, & I will try to post more things here, as a preview to developing stories & articles for the Examiner. As well, I’ll try to put some more cool stuff about indie groups & bands.

Stay tuned!

Jason Chu aka Chodidees

Canadian Music Examiner

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Who is Justin Bieber? Does he deserve his 15 minutes of fame…so soon?

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Examiner Bio

The Examiner: article written by ~ Jason Chu


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Random tawts #1

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Weird day for me.

Woke up after 10 hrs. of sleep, which is rare because I’m an insomniac. For example, last week I went five nights in a row where I didn’t sleep. Now can that be you say? Well, during day I’m really tired and have micro sleeps or impromptu naps.  Anyhow, back to today…

-I actually woke up with an organized writing plan/outline and managed to finish 2 articles for my examiner.com page. I was quite excited since I haven’t been so consistent with it, still have to write a lot more to gain a following.

-Yesterday played “Rockband” with some friends, realized that my “minor tremens” (small uncontrollable tremors of the fingers & some carpal tunnel strain) was physically incapacitating me from playing “Rockband” beyond a medium level…the shame.

-The dog upstairs barks incessantly & I was told that it was going senile in its’ old age (feel sad for it, but that doesn’t take away the headache)

-Having a brother, who is a dentist, is awesome when you visit (never need to buy toothpaste again! I got 15 tubes tonight!)

-My dad and I had an hour long “loud” discussion when I visited the parents, and surprisingly we came out it hugs!!

-I was supposed to go see some bands play at the Horseshoe tonight, but I got out late, got hungry, got lost, couldn’t find parking, and realized I was way too late (ie. I am the perfect example of someone who NEEDS GPS!!!) My friends make fun of my wrong turns…they kinda chuckle when I offer to give rides home and someone accepts…meh!

-P.S. I’m sorry “Sun Satellite” for missing the show…please send the video clips though, I can include them in an article.

-Listening to Goth-rock/metal actually sounds cool at night in your car (My new Lacuna Coil album)

-Did a mega-sized load of laundry (it’s always a successful day when I do laundry!)

-Gonna go on Twitter for a bit before I sleep because I promised to follow a lot of people when I got back (I tweeted it of course!)


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Bridgestock 09′: A New Canadian Indie Music Festival

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My first article with Examiner.com! I’m pretty excited because it has taken a long time to get to this point. I can’t wait to cover music exclusively, and I will continue to write my blogs (thoughts & stuff I can’t put down for Examiner – here). It’s a busy next few months, seeing shows, networking, doing interviews, and staying ahead the tech/social media game so that I can be effective at what I’m trying to do. And that is to be a respected writer online or otherwise, writing great articles with cool pictures, and links!

Here my 1st article with Examiner.com

It’s about a Canadian Indie Music Festival called Bridgestock 09′. Check it out! http://lnk.ms/1bGdT

~ Jason Chu

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