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Todd Carey

Todd Carey

The music business is a fickle pickle. It has metamorphosed so many times in the past 50 years, that even successful plans in the music business can change by the year. What once was stable, meaning Major record labels, video, radio, and print/readership/viewership, has now been thrown out the proverbial window. Gone.

The music industry scoffed at the digital age, and tried their hardest to push off “piracy” and “media sharing”, but the best they could do was charge us a couple bucks per song. The “people” or users of this media couldn’t be stopped (the Pandora’s box was open), so the music industry lost on that one (They couldn’t possibly afford to prosecute every person who downloads music for free). By the way, personally I buy 90% of my music, and burn the rest from friends.

So, in the past couple years, the labels, musicians, anyone in the music business have had to readjust their positions in order to succeed in a new age of digital marketing, which funny enough leans heavily on social media marketing (that’s us Twitter people!).

What I’m trying to say is: Musicians NEED us the viewers/listeners to pay to attention to them now more than ever because traditional streams of income (i.e. album sales, touring, movie/t.v. gigs, etc.), are no longer what they used to be (smaller revenues). So what does this means for @Tweeplemagazine? Well, one of topics that we write about includes music, so my plan is to write about up and coming musicians/artists, who I think have a great shot at “making it big”, but we just need to pass the word on, support them, listen to their music, and maybe buy the music too, if you want to help them succeed!

So let me start off by choosing  acoustic/pop/rock singer Todd Carey.

@toddcarey is now on Twitter preparing for his summer tour (U.S.). His music I have heard numerous times already, and I think it’s really good, and well worth a recommendation. You could easily listen to over and over again. He’s from Chicago, developed his music with a band in L.A. during his college days, and is now in NYC. He’s since produced 3 indie albums and worked with some heavyweights in the music biz: mixer Brian Malouf (Natasha Bedingfield), drummer Aaron Sterling (Liz Phair), bassist John Ahrens (Josh Kelley), guitarist Michael Chaves (John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan), and of course collaborated with Sara Bareilles on “Smile”. His relentless touring has helped him develop as an music artist, and grow a following on both sides of indie and mainstream.

Todd Carey performing \”Ain\’t Got Love\”

Check out his Official Website & Myspace:



And if you want to read my in depth review of Todd Carey’s music, check:


~ Jason Chu



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Todd Carey

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Name: Todd Carey

Genre:  Acoustic/Pop/Rock

Major/Indie/Unsigned: Indie (probably not for long!)

Album: Elevate (2003), Revolving World (2005), Watching Waiting (2007)

Released: New album coming in 2009

Overall Rating (out of 4): 3

Musicality – Top notch! I think he used studio musicians and friends as well as himself, so of course it sounds good! When you’re solo artist, it’s hard to get your backing band together. I wonder if he composed all the arrangements? They are very good, catchy, and poppy in all the right places!

Singing – He has a very good & clear voice, and it is easy to hear his lyrics. He’s got a bit of bluesy/jazzy/touch of country feel in his pop singing, which gives it an interesting mix (a hybrid sound). Again, the music as a package is well worth hearing over and over again.

Lyrics – His lyrics are fine for pop songs, easy to follow, and easy to learn and sing-along too!

Freshness – Freshness is hard to do especially when you are in the acoustic/pop/rock mode (as there are so many musicians doing that angle), however, Todd brings a nice package in his sound. The music is always positive, and it draws you in, makes you want to listen to it more. Plus there is enough diversity of songs (not all sounding the same), that keep you from being bored.

Technicality/Recording – Awesome, as pro sounding as I can think of in an Indie artist. Equalized to accentuate to the best of effect for all the instruments mixing with the vocals. Superb!

Visuals – His Myspace page is pro, very top notch (check it out!). His official website is equally excellent (check the links at the top of this article). It’s obvious Todd has put a lot of thought and work into his online presentation, which will only help him develop that core following that he deserves. Not only that, Todd Carey has a Youtube channel (hitting all the bases & online markets). Todd could do with a little more content on Youtube in order to increase his following there. Amazing job Todd, the marketing will pay off!

Top 2 Songs:

1. Smile w Sara Bareilles (A great ballad duet, harmonies, great song!) – I couldn’t find any video links with Todd Carey & Sara Bareilles, so I chose two other songs.

2. Watching Waiting (Great song, of longing, hope, and love – full version on Myspace link)

2.Back Off Baby (Love the topic of the song & how he sings it! The lyrics are so good! It’s awesome!)

~ Jason Chu



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