Tardiness is unacceptable!

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Tardiness…slow…being slothful, that’s how I’ve been treating this blog site of mine for awhile & I apologize. I’ve got a lot things to ponder: I could work with someone/company to make a great blog site?? The thing was this blog was always supposed to stay underground. For those people who like my writing at Tweeple Magazine, Examiner, and my twittering….well this blog was supposed to be my backwater, my used couch of comfort. Say anything, anytime.

Of course, trying to build a rep as a writer with high quality articles that get noticed or picked up/linked by larger websites…is easy in concept, but difficult in practice. So, my focus on writing high quality multimedia articles with links on the Examiner, has been slow, as sometimes I need to really be inspired by the music or the story of a band/singer.

I’ve learned a lot of things over the past few months, & I will try to post more things here, as a preview to developing stories & articles for the Examiner. As well, I’ll try to put some more cool stuff about indie groups & bands.

Stay tuned!

Jason Chu aka Chodidees

Canadian Music Examiner

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Exclusive: Tweeple Magazine Interview with Esmée Denters

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Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters

Interview Questions for Esm ée Denters with Tweeple Magazine (06/25/09)

Interviewer: Jason Chu (Writer/Contributer), Karen Pentke (Contributer/Notes)

*In a conference call by phone, Esmée and I talked about a range of topics, from family, to Justin Timberlake, advice she’d give others, etc. Since it was a long distance phone call, we did not have a device to record the interview for playback later, so we (Karen and I) relied on memories of the call, and our notes.  After each question there are two sets of responses: the text that is bolded is from my paraphrased memory/writing, and the jot notes points belong to Karen’s handiwork. They always say two heads are better than one! Thanks so much Karen for all the help!


Jason Chu

Opener Questions

  • 1. How do you think you will deal with being on the road/away from your family for so long? On tour?

*Esmee: It will be difficult, miss family, but the people she’s with on tour is like family.

–          I will keep in touch via email/phone calls

–          It keeps me in control to stay in contact with them

  • 2. How do you not get so overwhelmed by all the attention/business that has changed your life with being a successful singer performer. How do stay grounded, and not let other things change who you are.

*Esmee: I’m the same person as I always have been

–          I’m excited about all of it

–          All the attention can get “weird”

–          “I’m just Esmee”

–          Family keeps me inline and grounded

–          Happy with everyone who is working with me, they work very hard.

  • 3. Once you were getting attention on Youtube, how did you get discovered by Justin Timberlake? Can you tell us that story

*Esmee: Lot’s of record companies/labels started calling me, and Justin too…he invited me to a concert, and I met him backstage, and played a song on the piano “How come U don’t call me anymore.” It was an old song I’d had done for years, and because there was a piano – it was a good song to do/play.

–          Youtube, I had record labels calling me, I thought it was like a joke at first.

–          Management then called me, I met with them and JT wanted to meet with me.  I went to JT’s Chicago concert, met him backstage, sang a song on piano.

–          1 month later I was signed!

–          I chose to play that Prince song b/c “It’s a great song!” and  I knew how to play it on piano

  • 4. How much a big brother mentor figure has Justin Timberlake been you since you started working together? It seems that he has had a very positive effect on your development as an artist. Tell me how Justin has helped you?

*Esmee: It’s funny because it’s almost exactly as you said. He has been a big brother to me, showing me things, about the music business.

–          Older brother figure to me

–          I look up to him, and aspire to be like him as an artist

–          I wrote a lot of my songs on my album, JT had input on my record as well

–          “What better person to learn from than Justin Timberlake?!”

–          JT tested me to see if I had what it took/handle to perform, he got me to perform with him even before my record was recorded

–          He wants the best for me

Does he push you or does he kinda know what you need in order to grow?

*Esmee: Yes, he challenges me like the first time I went on stage to perform in front of thousands. It forces me to rise to the challenge.

  • 5. It has been said, that you are the first Youtube artist to go from a Youtube channel directly to performing on a major stage (with Justin Timberlake). Seeing as you are a Youtube veteran, what advice could you give the thousands of teenage girls who look up to you from around the world, who are now trying to emulate what you did (film themselves singing cover tunes).

*Esmee: I have been around music my whole life, singing, playing, so I encourage them to keep at it, practice, if it what they want, to go after it, make videos, etc.

–          “Dare to put yourself out there, to do what you love, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen the 1st time around…  it can happen in many ways”

–          i.e. Talent shows, YouTube etc.

Album related Questions

  • 6. Just wondering, I have been in a choir & have been around music my whole life. Your voice is amazing, it is a gift. So, I wondered did you have any musical training or played any instruments whiled growing up in the Netherlands

*Esmee: Actually only once did my parents sign me up for vocal lessons, but it didn’t work out. Now, that I’m signed and doing this as a career, I do have a vocal coach/teacher/instructor who is helping with my voice. His name is Dave Straut

–          Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a singer

–          It was too expensive for training lessons

–          I listened at home to many of my fav. Artists, from listening really

–          Now, after being signed I have a vocal trainer: Dave Straut

–          Helps to take care of my vocals – thank goodness

Esmee: I’m so thankful that in the years I was untrained I didn’t do any serious damage to my voice when singing.

  • 7. You said in your Making of the Outta Here video, that it was difficult to sing, what do mean by that musically?

*Esmee: It was just different than any kind of song I’m sung before, it was a different style, so I had to get used to it, practice it till I got it!

–          Song was challenging to sing at first,  more of a “Rock way” music

–          But eventually, listening to it now, I see that “I made it my own”

–          I said to myself – “I know I can do it now”

  • 8. It seems your tour is going across Europe this summer, when do you plan on coming over to North America?

*Esmee: Oh we will be coming to the U.S. and I would really like to come to Canada too! Canada is one of the first places to catch onto my music.

*Jason: We in Canada really like international music

*Esmee: We will definitely come over to U.S./North America on a tour before the end of 2009. No specific dates yet.

–          I am signed for North America, once after Euro tour over

–          I will be there before the end of 2009

–          I was in Toronto 4 months ago – I liked it a lot

–          Looking forward to going back to Canada – (T.O.) “It’s clean, nice and modern”.

  • 9. I quote from your writing on your Myspace page, –
    Hi, my name is Esmée. I’m 20 and from wherever you are reading this, no matter how far away or what country you live in, we are now… connected. My question is…what do mean we are now connected. Does have anything to do with Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, etc., etc.?

*Esmee: Yes that we are all connected now, it’s so easy to stay in contact, e-mail, youtube, I read my fans messages.

–          b/c internet everyone has access for ex. To my videos

–          I am here b/c of my fans – (fans) “They made it happen!”

–          Keep connected to my fan’s websites – they root for me – “I want to make them proud and do my very best.”

  • 10. When you sang Follow My Lead onstage with Justin Timberlake what was that experience like? Was the recording just a live recording or did you redo one in studio?

*Esmee: It was so amazing, sort of surreal because I’d never been on stage like that, seeing Justin interacting with other musicians/artists, and singing and dancing. I found it hard to believe that I was standing next to (people in her pictures).

–          JT did charity concert and invited me there (flew me over)

–          My 1st time performing on stage

–          To think all these famous people like 50 Cent, Liona Lewis – “

–          All these icons! It was great!”

–          It was Live recording

Closer/Finishing Interview Questions

  • 11. Who are favourite actors/celebrities?

*Esmee: Jaime Foxx – he is so funny and talented, etc.

–          Jamie Fox – my fav. Movie is Ray – he was amazing!

–          Like also that he is a singer and actor

  • 12. Do you plan release/make music & albums in your native Dutch language, as some others do?

*Esmee: I don’t yet, at this point in my career, I’m just excited to go out on tour and perform.

–          In the future – “Outta Here” has been recorded in Fin, or a foreign language

  • 13. What does Esmee Denters like to do in her free time, when she is not making mega selling music hit songs?

*Esmee: Same as everybody else, I like to hang out with my friends, go out to restaurants, watch movies, go shopping, make videos for my Youtube channel.

–          “Normal stuff”… like going to movies with friends, having dinner, shopping etc.

  • 14. What are you look forward to the most on your upcoming tour of Europe?

*Esmee: I can’t wait to just perform onstage. The opportunity to get up close to the fans, and see them. I appreciate them wanting to come see.

“Getting my music out there”

Jason: *Thank you so much for doing this interview with us here at Tweeplemagazine, and I hope you like the article I wrote about you! Yesterday!


Jason Chu (@Chodidees)

follow Esmee!

http:// www.myspace.com/esmeedenters

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Star Trek actor Brent Spiner tweeting a new genre of Twitter interaction

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Star Trek Convention - Day 4

Yes, I do admit when growing up I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation after school at 5:00pm. Most definitely I had and still have a great deal of respect for the actor Brent Spiner (@BrentSpiner), who played the role of Commander Data (the ingenious android with no emotions) .

As I was scanning through TweetDeck scanning for potential story ideas, there was something quite different about Spiner’s way of tweeting, that I thought warranted further investigation. To be honest, I thought that Brent Spiner was losing it a bit from his strange tweets (I’ll post underneath), but than I came to realize he was writing short 140 character bursts of prose from tweet to tweet. So naturally I scanned at all his recent tweets in succession and found that he had done something very similar to the news reel serials of the early 20th century newspaper press. The only difference is that his “serials” are real-time and have the benefit of immediate feedback from the fans. I liked the fact that when Brent Spiner was done his story/soliloquy, he proceeded to address some of his fans @reply comments.

Brent has created a fictional twitter world which he calls “Spinerworld” where he basically tells stories of a place filled with millions of Spiners (Yes, I know). The cool thing is that his followers can cut in, and respond to story bits, and Brent might make changes to the stories based on what fans say! That is a very interesting development for the writer/reader interaction dynamic (very 21st century).

I think this is an ingenious way of storytelling, and very difficult too. Think about it this way, “Brent Spiner is telling a bedtime story not to his kids, but to over 600,000 people and it’s all real-time with the opportunity to question him/cut him off!” To tell a story in 140 character chapters is extremely difficult, as anyone who’s done English papers know that it’s always easier to write more, than be short and  concise. The one thing that is very apparent is Brent’s intelligence, odd atmosphere/dialogue, and strangely funny tweets. He’s definitely earned his large Twitter following for more than just his “name”.

Sample of Brent’s Spiner’s Fictional Tweets:

  1. (Phone rings) “Hello?” ” Mr. Spiner?” “Yes, it is.” “Mr. Spiner, this is Mr. Spiner with Visa. I’m afraid you’ve gone over your limit.”12:20 PM Jul 8th from web
  2. “What?…” “We have 25 large charges on your account from yesterday. We’re going to have to freeze your account until we receive payment.12:23 PM Jul 8th from web
  3. Damn that @therealbrent. I’m so stressed. Think I’ll watch “ID4”. I love when I give that big speech, “This is our Independence Day!”12:33 PM Jul 8th from web
  4. RT @goldbedr@BrentSpiner I am so terribly, terribly confused at what you are doing–How do you think I feel!!12:44 PM Jul 8th from web
  5. RT @ paradoxphoenix If everyone you physically encounter is a Spiner, how come everyone who tweets you is not a Spiner? –WE ARE!!!!!12:53 PM Jul 8th from web
  6. RT @therealbrent@Brentspiner>Don’t you understand? It’s time to change your ways. Be kinder.–Stop this! But, pay my credit card bill first.2:04 PM Jul 8th from web
  7. I’ve got to break this mirror! (Throws chair) OMG! It bounced off!! (Pounding mirror with fists) Break, damn you!!…ow, I hurt my hands.2:25 PM Jul 8th from web
  8. Spiner (that’s me) lies on the floor of his room sobbing. A broken shell of a man. Wait…I’m not finished yet! I’ll get you, Spinerrrr!!!!!2:38 PM Jul 8th from web
  9. One last thing before I go out again. I must block him. I cannot have him knowing what I’m doing. Goodbye poser. Suck on this!about 21 hours ago from web
  10. RT @smellsorange You are weird.–Well, how would you feel if you were stuck in a mirror world!!!?? Sorry, I’d best go before I cry again.about 21 hours ago from web
  11. Spent the night walking. Very lonely. Nothing but Spiners everywhere I looked. Some were nice, others didn’t seem to recognize me.about 2 hours ago from web
  12. Went to Spiner Hardware and picked up a few sledge hammers. Got some really big Spiners to come over here. ST fans. Promised them autographsabout 2 hours ago from web
  13. They smashed the sledgehammers against the mirror but nothing happened. Tried same with their heads. Nothing. Hopeless.about 1 hour ago from web
  14. Before they left I made good on my promise. Gave them all autographs. They were disappointed. Said it looked just like theirs.about 1 hour ago from web
  15. He’s back. Prowling around. “What do you want? Just let me out of here and it’s you’re’s.” “That’s should be yours. And it’s already mine.”about 1 hour ago from web
  16. I’m losing my grip. Even my grammar is suffering. Now he’s rifling thorough my medicine chest. “No, take what you want, but please, leav about 1 hour ago from web
  17. I’m finished. Stuck in a world with millions of Spiners. Could be worse. I could be here with millions of that awful couple from “The Hills”about 1 hour ago from web
  18. RT @naienko: in that case, I recommend suicide.-Yes, perhaps your…you’re right. Maybe he would cease to be as well. Goodbye…Wait!!43 minutes ago from web
  19. One last chance. I’m going to try something. Those of you who announce unfollowing me, if this doesn’t work, I’ll save you the trouble.22 minutes ago from web
  20. Need help for this one. I’ll be back. Most of the Spiners in Spinerworld are friendly. Oh and @trentvenegas, homey, you’re blocked. Im off.7 minutes ago from web

P.S. I did say this was a sample, so if you back check his tweets, there’s a lot more “serial tweets” on Spinerworld.

~ Jason




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C.N. Tower beside me as I type here, listening to Pre-release Ashley Tisdale album

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C.N. Tower beside me as I type here, listening to pre – release Ashley Tisdale album
Today at 2:03am | Edit Note | Delete

It’s 1:31 am – I’m at staying at my sister’s condo in downtown Toronto (C.N. Tower is right outside my window) because I have a teacher upgrade course going Monday – Saturday. It will be full-time study..yuck! It will be difficult to keep up my website & Tweeple writing this week.

Oh yah, and I have a rough cold/sinus infection that it is wiping me out.

My course starts at 9:00am Monday morning, approximately 8 hours away…and what am I doing?

I decided to open up the digital pre-release Ashley Tisdale’s “Guilty Pleasure” album. Yup that’s right, Tweeple Magazine passed her album to me over 2 weeks before it’s released in stores…Ah, ah…no I’m not making copies (or else I’d be shot).

So, I’m listening to her music when all sanity tells me I should be sleeping. It’s all your fault Ashley! Hahaha! I’m going insane here, and typing it for your pleasure…or pain. Whatever.

I won’t do the review tonight (b/c. I’m not sane) because I need to listen to it numerous times, and input my thoughts on my music reviews template. Than I’ll print out my music review template, and use that to as a base to write my official Tweeple Magazine album review article on Ashley Tisdale’s album. Of course, I will pore over articles and internet information about her, so that I can write an expert/professional article as I possibly can.

Small tip: The better quality article you write, the greater chance that a larger/big name website might link your article to your website (ie. yahoo, msn, mtv, much music, etc.). If your article is linked to a bigger site, your site (Tweeple Magazine) gets a much bigger profile/platform, not mention much more views. And I guess for me, because my name is on every article, my name as an online writer gets a little stronger/more exposure/attention to my writing.

The best thing is I know I’m doing this for the right reasons, I thoroughly enjoy writing, creating/sculpting an article with a theme or angle, choosing a headline photo, etc.

I am working on strategies, in stages/steps, to eventually be working “paid” full-time as a writer. but EVERYTHING in between is the hard knocks of paying your dues, earning the respect of people who could care less because they have hundreds of would be writers willing to write your article.

That’s why everything you write/submitted to be published, must be your best quality. It must be your voice they hear the words, beyond the fancy grammar, syntax, conjugation, writing style…you must be able to connect with the reader, with just your words.

O.K. Ashley’s album is finished…gotta get some sleep now. Write ya later.

Jason Chu




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