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I apologize right away for my lax writing in the past couple weeks, however, negotiations & arrangements were still in the process of being arranged at my new writing job – Examiner.com (Canada). They have yet to hire all the writers and get the site procedures down for the Canada version, but I am fully confirmed now as the 1st National Canadian Examiner (will have to live up to that title & write really good stuff and be an example for the website).

As you know, my position will be on National Canadian Music Examiner, and I will be following the Canadian music scene intensely in all forms. I will attempt to look at some broader issues/trends that are affecting Canadian music as a whole, and so on and so forth. It will be really exciting to have this opportunity to write about Canadian music period.

I don’t know exactly when I start, but will inform you of course as soon as I know. There are many entry processes that I have to go through before I’m ready to start with Examiner.com, from orientation, Q & A, and all the other details. So bear with me as I have to go through these hurdles before I get my column/Examiner spot on the website.

O.K. that’s it for now, but I will tell a.s.a.p. when things are set, and ready to go from my end. It is very exciting to have a new beginning (not really knowing what the future holds).

Talk to you soon,

Jason Chu

National Canadian Music Examiner

http://www.examiner.com/National (For now – till Canadian site is ready).

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Revisions to my Music Reviews

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What I’m come realize over the past two months, is that my music review templates are great in theory, but difficult to apply in practice. Why? I guess I get too detailed and than the review becomes wordy, and takes away from probably the best part of review, which are my song picks & links to those videos. The main reason is that I cannot put out as many music reviews as I would like using this format (ie. I have a waiting list of reviews to do!)

So recognizing changes were need, here is what I propose to do:

1) I will cut down on the artist/band information portion because that is already covered in the links I provide.

2) Each category of analysis will be just given a mark versus descriptive feedback.

3) The marks will be eighth notes: ♫ = 2 eighth notes represents one full mark; ♪= 1 eighth note equals a half mark

4) A perfect score = ♫♫♫♫ ( or like 4 stars in a movie review)

For example – Sample Review:

Chodidee Band











Technicality/Quality of Recording: ♫♫

Visuals/Marketing: ♫♪

Overall: ♫♫♪

At this point I give a brief (one paragraph max) descriptive review of the most important points I want to share about that artist/band.

After my brief summary, I continue on with my favorite 2 songs, & video links to those songs.

This will allow me to do quicker, easier, and frankly more music reviews while keeping it relevant and entertaining for you. I realize that in today’s internet saturated world, everything must be quick, relevant, to the point, and worthy of your attention (the song choices/video links).

So that’s it, that will be more format that I use for music reviews and we’ll see how it goes!

P.S. I haven’t given up on my “Top 15 Underground/Indie/Unsigned Songs of the Week”. I’m giving it a name change that makes it easier for me. I will call it “Recommended Underground/Indie/Unsigned Songs” and I will have the date of that week in brackets.

O.K. everybody, I’m excited about the changes, and hoping that I bring music reviews to you quicker, more effectively, and on a “consistent” basis in order to improve my blog.


Jason Chu




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Music Reviews…Why Take So Long?

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Hey y’all, if you took the time to read this thanks! I’ll just explain my rationale for writing music reviews.

1. I want to write quality music reviews that will be respected by musicians as well as easy to understand/digest for the regular music fan. So far I have written about 10 music reviews, and it takes me about 2 hrs. minimum each. Why so long? You got to listen to the music at least 2 times, if not more. Also, to add in the embedded videos and correct all the grammar issues (so that it is professional – i.e. linkable to major websites), takes a lot of time. Therefore, quality not quantity is what I’m aiming for.

2. I will focus on the positives of each musician/band, however I will write constructive comments when necessary (things that I think if improved upon, would greatly help their chances of enlarging their audience).

3. I only have limited time as well, so I have to choose very carefully of who I’m going to write about. I try my best to focus more so on the unsigned/indie/underground music (they need the publicity), but I do have to throw in major artists as well. So half my battle is sifting through all the bands/musicians and choose who I’m going to write about. Something that I keep high on my list: If the artist is releasing something new right now. It is then my priority to review that soon, for the fans and everyone else.

4. I do this currently for personal enjoyment, and love almost nothing as much as hearing new music because I have a super high degree of respect for musicians and the craft that they do. I’m not doing this for fame or anything to do with that, and I’m not doing this to become friends with musicians. It’s about the quality of the report/review (if it’s good, people will take what you have to say…seriously, they’ll give you respect!).

5. What makes me qualified to write a music review? I don’t know, other than I’m a mega music fan, that knows what is quality. I have very diverse music tastes, just ask my friends, it would be hard to pigeonhole my musical tastes. I have also been a music teacher at a school (taught almost the whole school music), I’ve been in a rock band, jazz bands, I can play the piano, bass, guitar, sing in a choir, steel drums, saxophone, baritone/tuba, basic familiarity with soundboards, editing, and I know music theory as well.

Hope this gives you more information on the specifics of music reviews, the rationale, and purposes for writing them. Please contact me at the links below, if you have further questions! Remember #1: It’s never about You! It’s ALWAYS about the musician/band & their music…FIRST!!!

~ Jason Chu

Twitter: Chodidees

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Mr. J Medeiros (of The Procussions)

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Name: Mr. J Medeiros (of The Procussions)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Major/Indie/Unsigned: Indie

Album: Friends Enemies Apples Apples

Released: 2009 Summer

Overall Rating (out of 4) 3.5

Musicality – It’s all over the place musically, yet it makes it perfect sense. Quite complex for Hip Hop/Rap.

Singing – The rhymes and transitions from one MC to the next, very smooth. I can’t argue with this…Tara Ellis is featured in a song and it sounds good!

Lyrics – Quality within the rhymes, yet easy enough to understand and for some reason leaves you wanting to hear it again!

Flow/Rhythm – Very strong! Smooth sound, it’s too bad more mainstream didn’t emulate the underground because this is good, real good!

Freshness – Well worth listening to. It’s more chill Hip Hop, where you are just listening to the rhymes and music, while nodding your head.

Technicality/Recording – Excellent!

Visuals – Not much videos to be found with them (underground mentality I guess), although Mr J. Medeiros has his own Youtube channel. His Myspace page is looking good with lots of information and cool graphics. In the end, it’s about the music, and he’s got it in spades.

Top 2 Songs:

1. Love is All feat. Tara Ellis (No vids of it, so just go to Mr. J Medeiros – Myspace link at the top of the page to hear this new track. The song is amazing. For that reason I’ll pick two other songs).

These next two songs were off his 2008 “Of gods and girls” album (available on itunes)

2. Constance (Soothing Hip Hop, with an ol’ School Vibe, so catchy, and the lyrics/rhymes amazing!)

3. Miss January feat. Talib Kweli (Slick groovin’ song with positive vibes and oodles of flow and great rhymes…try not to nod your head while listening to this track).

~ Jason Chu



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