Bridgestock 09′: A New Canadian Indie Music Festival

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My first article with! I’m pretty excited because it has taken a long time to get to this point. I can’t wait to cover music exclusively, and I will continue to write my blogs (thoughts & stuff I can’t put down for Examiner – here). It’s a busy next few months, seeing shows, networking, doing interviews, and staying ahead the tech/social media game so that I can be effective at what I’m trying to do. And that is to be a respected writer online or otherwise, writing great articles with cool pictures, and links!

Here my 1st article with

It’s about a Canadian Indie Music Festival called Bridgestock 09′. Check it out!

~ Jason Chu

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Writing updates…

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I apologize right away for my lax writing in the past couple weeks, however, negotiations & arrangements were still in the process of being arranged at my new writing job – (Canada). They have yet to hire all the writers and get the site procedures down for the Canada version, but I am fully confirmed now as the 1st National Canadian Examiner (will have to live up to that title & write really good stuff and be an example for the website).

As you know, my position will be on National Canadian Music Examiner, and I will be following the Canadian music scene intensely in all forms. I will attempt to look at some broader issues/trends that are affecting Canadian music as a whole, and so on and so forth. It will be really exciting to have this opportunity to write about Canadian music period.

I don’t know exactly when I start, but will inform you of course as soon as I know. There are many entry processes that I have to go through before I’m ready to start with, from orientation, Q & A, and all the other details. So bear with me as I have to go through these hurdles before I get my column/Examiner spot on the website.

O.K. that’s it for now, but I will tell a.s.a.p. when things are set, and ready to go from my end. It is very exciting to have a new beginning (not really knowing what the future holds).

Talk to you soon,

Jason Chu

National Canadian Music Examiner (For now – till Canadian site is ready).

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